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DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) Dubai

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About The Company

DMCC is a government entity established in 2002 to enhance commodity trading flows through Dubai. We perform a range of roles that continue to position Dubai as the preferred destination for global commodities trade and DMCC as the worlds No 1 Free Zone.

As a Government of Dubai Authority, we are dedicated to establishing Dubai as the global gateway to the Middle East for trade in a wide range of commodities while enabling our members to succeed through the delivery of continuous innovation in business services and infrastructure.

At the same time, as a world center for global commodities trade, DMCC is playing a key role in driving continued economic development and acting as a trusted partner to support our members.

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre is the worlds most interconnected free zone and the leading trade hub for commodities, proud to sustain and grow Dubai position as the place to be for global trade.
We understand that our role in enabling trade influences economies, which puts us in a position to safeguard communities and the local environment. The multidimensional nature of DMCC influence provides a unique opportunity to champion responsible business and positive impact.

Smart District
In line with Dubai vision to be the happiest and most technologically advanced city on earth, we are transforming the way you live, work, and play in our community.

The initiative aims to enrich the quality of life in JLT, offering seamless and safe daily experiences to over 21,000 business members and 100,000 residents and visitors. The solutions planned will accelerate the sustainability drive and increase safety, reduce health risks, lower pollution, and boost social connectedness. As an early adopter of new technologies, DMCC has a long-standing commitment to digital innovation. We set our own goals to go 100 percentage online, totally paperless, and create a seamless digital interface for all our member companies.

Tech in Dubai
DMCC has everything to set up, grow, and build your business. Seven times crowned Global Free Zone of the Year by the Financial Times FDI magazine, it is home to a vibrant community, innovative infrastructure, world class services, and a stunning choice of properties, all minutes from excellent air, sea, and road links to the world.

A unique combination of Free Zone status, state of the art commercial and residential property, and top tier commodities and financial services, puts DMCC in a class of its own. Added to this, ongoing investment in the most interconnected, innovative infrastructure and leading business services makes it easy to trade from here. Efficiently, effortlessly, anywhere in the world.
We have firmly established Dubai as a leading centre for trading international commodities and the worlds fastest growing free zone. We promote and facilitate trade across a range of goods from gold, diamonds, and precious metals, to tea, food, and industrial materials. Today, as home to major multinationals and start ups, we connect more than 21,000 businesses with the world class services, leading infrastructure, and vibrant community they need to thrive and succeed.
Offering boundless opportunities for global growth, discover DMCC, where business meets the world.

Join us to keep Dubai at the center of global business and trade.

Send an email directly to DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre).


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