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Albatech Testing Services LLC Dubai

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Calibration | Calibration of Mars | Dimension | Temperature & Pressure | Deep Foundation Testing | Vibration & Geotechnical Instrumentation

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Albatech Testing Services LLC Profile


Vernier Caliper Height Gauge
Outside Micrometer Feeler Gauge
Dial Gauge Digital Indicator Gauge & LVDT
Micro Indicator Setting Rod
Depth Gauge Thickness Gauge

Analytical Balance Toploading Balance

Pressure Switch Digital Pressure Gauge
Vacuum Gauge VW Piezometer
Pressure Transducer Barometer
Vacuum Pycnometer Air Entrainment Gauge
Blood Pressure Meter Pressure Recorder
Safety/Relief Valves

Drying Oven Hot Cabinet
Incubator Thermometer
Water Bath Infrared Thermometer
Refrigerator Thermohygrometer
Freezer Climatic Chamber
Chiller Temp/PH Meter
Environmental Chamber Humidity Chamber
Temperature Chamber Furnace

Also Calibration of Specialized Instruments / Equipment Under Taken
Sound Level Meter / Tilt and Vibration testing / Repairing services for Laboratory Instruments
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WhatsApp us on +971564117152