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Al Salehi Machinery & Equipment Repairing Profile

We are an authorized Bosch Diesel Service, a contract partner of Robert Bosch GmbH Germany operating throughout UAE and overseas. Our company is internationally known for its excellent quality and opened its first branch in 1980 in Iran. As we were informed about the necessity of a workshop diagnosing and repairing all diesel systems, especially Common Rail pumps and Unit Injectors, which are the next generation technology that will replace the conventional fuel injection pumps in near feature, we started our business in Dubai in 2007 to provide our customers in GCC with our services locally.

Our company has its origin in Germany. Therefore , the services and know-how of our technicians are up to German standard. We are the first Bosch Diesel Service to provide the unique service of repairing all types of diesel systems in GCC. Work carried out by our workshop leaves it with guarantee and excellence.

Our special services for you:
Diagnose, adjustment and repairing of all lines and distributor pumps (also the electrical governed)
Diagnose and repairing of all high pressure diesel systems (Unit Injectors, Unit Pumps, Common Rail systems)
Diagnose and optimizing of performance and consumption

The Company is managed by Behzad Salehi Mezdeh

2007 state certified Engineer for automotive industry,
Technical College for Engineering in Hannover, Germany
2007 Master of automotive, Chamber of Crafts in Hannover, Germany
2003 Bosch Diesel Technician, Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart, Germany
2000 Automotive Electrician, Bosch Maurer in Hannover, Germany


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