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Al Mozannab Electrical Installations Company LLC Dubai


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Company Profile

Al Mozannab Electrical Installations Company LLC Profile

Al Mozannab Electrical Trading Co LLC was established in Dubai since 1995, UAE, under the Laws of the Government of U.A.E. Since its inception, we have grown and gathered a number of companies under our agency agreements. The main core of our business is electrical engineering, Electrical and Building Materials Trading and our bias is towards specialist niche expert Engineering; Technical Commissioning and Testing of Electrical Switchgear, for which we hold one of the United Arab Emirates unique High Voltage testing licenses.Our in-house staffs are top class electrical testing engineering certified personnel who have worked in all levels of HV environments found in the UAE , Oman and Qatar. In addition to the Trading & Testing as a company we have diversified over the past ten years to include in our portfolio - Electro- Mechanical services which include:-
Design, Engineering, Testing & Commissioning, Annual Maintenance, Service Support, Trading in high profile electrical switchgear for motor control systems.We have achieved operating partnerships and agencies in the UAE with the following::
VINI PVC Insulation Tapes for Electrical Wiring - Made in JAPAN, FLASH Paints for Industrial and Decorative - Made in INDIA, SCHNEIDER Electric Digital Panel Meters - Made in INDIA, Solar Panels and Solar Heaters, AL Mozannab Electrical is the Engineering Solution Provider and Channel Partner for BENSHAW INC USA in the Middle East and South Asia Pacific (Soft Starters).

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