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Agility Grid LLC Dubai

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Agility Grid provides IT infrastructure

Agility Grid provides IT infrastructure solutions for medium to large organizations in the Middle East. Our solutions are designed to meet your business requirements while remaining cost-effective. We service a wide range of industry sectors including Education, Transportation, Hotels, Government Departments, Defense, Hospitals, Banking, Retail and Broadcast media.
Agility Grid prides itself on providing world-class, solutions at a competitive price, together with prompt, reliable and thorough service to all its clients. We continually stay on the forefront of new trends in the IT sector to deliver our clients the most effective solutions with proven performance.
As a strategic partner with Rasilient Storage Solutions, Agility Grid specializes in the design, installation, maintenance and monitoring of storage solutions for video data, especially CCTV systems. We work closely with all stakeholders including Vendors, System Integrators and End-users, to provide medium to large scale video storage solutions that follow best-practice principles.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152