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Ace Automation LLC Jebel Ali


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Company Profile

Ace Automation LLC Profile

We are one of the biggest Hydraulic service provider in the Oil, Marine, Construction and Industrial sector in Dubai, UAE.
Ace Automation LLC is a leading provider of innovative drive and control technologies for mobile and industrial hydraulic , pneumatic and automation applications.
Contributing high levels of technical expertise, we support our clients product development activities from the initial project phase to the finished machine.
We can provide valuable help in creating very advanced machinery that features stringent technical demands and exacting quality standards. In the manufacture of hydraulic components, Ace Automation LLC offers a broad, innovative range of products and the complete, tailor-made solutions. Hydraulics can be used wherever high force and movement need to be controlled.
Testing and Overhauling
We do testing, maintenance and service of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems, all types of hydraulic Valves, Cylinders, Power packs, Dock levellers, Pumps, Motors, Winches, Manifolds, Heat exchangers, Coolers, Accumulators, etc.

Designing and Manufacturing

We are specialised in designing and manufacturing of complete hydraulic and pneumatic system ( hydraulic power units, cylinders, dock levelers , scissor lifts, etc. )
We also manufacture of electrical plc control panels.


We stock the following products in our store for immediate supply to the clients.

Hydraulic directional, relief, flow control valves, manifolds and subplates.
Honed tubes of size 40mm to 330mm bore and Chrome rods of size 12mm to140mm.
Hydraulic / Pneumatic seals, Oil seals, Orings.
Hydraulic gear / vane / piston Pumps, Motors and Steering units.
Hydraulic accessories (Coolers, Chillers, Filters, Accumulators, etc.)
Mini power packs - 12V / 24V DC , 220V AC
Dock Levellers
Electrical Control Panel
Pressure switch, sensors, transmitters
Air Bellows, Expansion Joints

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