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Abu Bader Electronics Est Abu Dhabi

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Davits | Electrical Supplies | Manifolds | Metering System | Oil & Gas Field Equipment | Oil Spills Response Equipment | Splicing Machines | Steel Fabrication | Valves

Company Profile

ABU BADER was founded in

ABU BADER was founded in the spring of 1991, by a Retired UAE Armed forces Colonel Mr. ABU BADER is a 100% national company, stationed at Abu Dhabi with a financial solidity that enables it to successfully carry out extensive turnkey projects in and around U.A.E. and other GCC countries, Flexibility, efficient decision making and rapid adjustment to the customer's needs - all-important parameters in the business --- characterize the ABU BADER organization.

Initially company was dealing with Electronics but in a short span of time expands the business and enters into Oil and Gas field. Now company is dealing with Oil and Gas Field Services which consists of import, Export, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of all related equipments and projects which include Engineering for Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Equipment and devices.

The company has also employed highly technical, well disciplined, foreign trained, field tested and experienced manpower to handle all Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics jobs with a professional's touch. The unending cross training among each of the experienced employees has further enriched the company's readiness to meet the demand of the future and readiness to serve the needs of its valued customers nationwide.

ABU BADER has gained extensive experience and comprehensive know - how by specifying and designing both small and large dedicated communication & security systems in accordance with the customer's requirements in terms of applications and facilities. This makes ABU BADER a perfect partner for your specific project.

Although year wise ABU BADER is a young company, it is already well established and has obtained great recognition nationally as well as internationally.

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