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Abdulrahman Alaamri Advocates & Legal Consultants Dubai

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Company Profile

Abdulrahman Alaamri Advocates & Legal Consultants

who are we
We are Abdul Rahman Al Ameri Law Firm, we are a very carefully selected team of elite lawyers and legal advisors specialized in various fields of law.
The office was established by one of the UAE nationals, who has a unique ambition and a pioneer among his readers because of his extensive legal, knowledge and social expertise needed locally and internationally to manage this field.

The team is composed of a wide range of different nationalities and cultures in order to easily reach the requirements of all clients and their desires regardless of their gender or language, by overcoming cultural and linguistic barriers through legal pluralism and strong global backgrounds of the office team.

Within the framework of the legal work and the wide use of it, we strive to provide all services accurately and professionally guaranteed all means of protection the most protection to meet the requirements of our clients on an effective transformation while maintaining quality and legal standards, which we have established our reputation in the field of law and the labor market, for this deal with us many Companies experts to provide legal advice to them and follow up their cases of different quality.

We advise our clients in various fields of law to our knowledge and vision of the integration and interdependence between business and law in the UAE, keeping in mind their service with all our expertise in order to help them in the success of their work and projects and seek to develop, secure and codify and secure their individual and collective interests so as to avoid all obstacles from any Type.

Our Legal Services
Legal advice
Pleading before the courts
Insurance and compensation issues
Contracting issues
Loan and mortgage issues
Rents issues
Personal Status Issues
Legacy issues
Criminal cases
Business issues
Real Estate Issues
Labor issues
Intellectual Property Issues
Corporate issues
Maritime and air law issues
Establishing companies and drafting contracts
Developing institutional procedures
Liquidation of companies
Tax issues
Bankruptcy issues
Arbitration cases
Registration of trademarks
Opening execution files of all kinds and following up their procedures
Issues related to sports law
Open communications
Check issues
Banking Issues

Our Vision
Mobilizing individual expertise, skills and competencies within a distinguished team working in a harmonious and harmonious and professional manner to provide a variety of legal services compliant with the Islamic Sharia to the client with all parties and parties with jurisdiction and judicial or quasi-judicial as well as administrative bodies and government departments to serve the interest of the client within the framework of High principles and high ethics of the legal profession.

Our Mission
To exert all efforts to establish the legal profession, and to educate the community of its importance to safeguard the rights of individuals and groups guaranteed by Sharia and the law by providing an integrated momentum of distinct legal services and works consistent with our vision and according to the best standards within the speed of completion based on the preservation and achievement of customers interests.

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