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Abdulla Hassan Switchgear Industry LLC Dubai

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Electrical Traders | LV Switchgear Builder | Manufacture Customised Fibre Glass Enclosures | UL 508A Certified Control Panel Builder

Company Profile

About The Company

Established in 1984, with the sole objective of manufacturing switchgear systems and trading in electrical products.

Since our inception in early 80s, we have gone from strength to strength by keeping pace with the economic developments of the UAE. In the course of our operations, we've had to confront many challenges that resulted partly from the Middle Eastern conflicts and partly from the global economic meltdown.

The last couple of years have witnessed a worldwide downturn in the growth of business due mainly to the global financial crisis, which, in turn, has hit Arab economies. We are, however, glad to say that by the Grace of God, the Almighty, we have withstood these upheavals and are back on track for future undertakings. We have brought many changes in operations for product efficiency and have fine-tuned the logistics, a key to the success of an organization.

As leaders in electrical business, we are proud to say that over the years, we have contributed in good measure to the growth of electrical sector in the UAE, and we feel privileged that our standing among the local electrical community is on par with the big names in our field.

We have bagged many prestigious contracts, including government projects, which is the hallmark of our progress. We have achieved this success on the strength of our professionalized work set-up and close interaction with our clients, whose constructive suggestions are always a great help to us in implementing changes and upgrading our services.

Today we look back at our successes with a sense of pride while being wary of the demands we have to meet for local requirements in times to come.

Lastly, we are thankful to the Rulers of UAE for providing us the expat community a business friendly environment that is so vital for the progress of nation

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