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A-1 Business Conultancy FZE Sharjah

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We 'll hit the ground running

We \'ll hit the ground running. No downtime. Quick start-up! Ideally, we are looking for companies whose revenues are anywhere from ½ million Dirhams per year up to 25 million Dirhams per year who don't currently have a CFO onboard. We are looking for intelligent, well educated clients who know how to run a business and who understand the value a great part-time CFO can bring to the table. These types of clients understand that a great CFO is worth their weight in gold. We love serving clients who want to take their company to the top.

We don't compete with your current accounting staff, but simply augment what they already do best. CPA's, controllers, and accountants are well-trained to input the numbers correctly, whereas finance people are well-trained to interpret the numbers correctly. And, this is where our tremendous value comes in - you will be surprised at what we find. By interpreting the numbers correctly we often find a goldmine.

We have some very unique insights into what your financial reports mean. Often when we sit down to examine a company's financial records we find a hidden gold mine the CEO had no idea existed. This is why we are so valuable to a company. If you are serious about making money, we are too.

Planning great business strategies are the way companies grow and expand. One trait that really helps is when a good CFO has the mindset of an entrepreneur.

We first of all want to meet you in person at your office. After meeting you and finding out what your needs are, we then prepare a written proposal of what our services will cost. We present this to you during our second visit, which is at no cost or obligation to you. If you like what you see then we begin our service to you. We know you will be pleasantly surprised with the superior service we render.Whenever we put together an initial schedule we work right to left (start-up to today) versus left to right (today to start-up date).

Our involvement is designed to help everyone in your organization make the decisions that achieve better business outcomes-for now and in the future, confident that it can grow seamlessly as your needs expand.

Promoter present on the ICAI Panel for Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection ....

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