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Digital & Offset Printing

All you need to know about digital and offset printing

Digital and offset printing methods are very much in use these days in the promotional and advertising industry due to the wide range of advantages that it has to offer. Whether you are looking to create pop-ups, roll-up banners, outdoor hoardings, vehicle graphics or signboards, you can certainly make use of these types of printing in order to achieve the finest results. However, there are certain distinct differences between digital and offset printing that you need to know about before you start using them. Here is a closer look on the different modes of printing used in the promotional and advertising sector.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is a type of printing technology that makes use of plates typically made of aluminum for transferring images onto a sheet or blanket of rubber which is then rolled onto a piece of paper. The main specialty of offset printing is that in this method of printing the ink does not get directly transferred onto the paper. This form of printing is often the finest choice when you are dealing with larger or bulk requirements. It is known for providing accurate color reproduction along with clean and crisp professional looking printing.

Offset Printing Advantages

  • Large quantities of finished goods can be printed in a cost effective manner
  • Special custom inks like Pantone and metallic colors can be used
  • Plenty of great options of paper can be chosen from along with custom finishes
  • Highest printing quality along with greater color fidelity and finer details
  • The more number of items you print, the more and affordable and cheaper price per piece you need to spend

Digital Printing

Digital printing is quite an innovative way to create finished pieces of products. It does not incorporate the application of plates which is common in offset printing. On the other hand, digital printing as an alternative makes use of choices like toner such as in laser printer machines or the bigger printers that use ink. The digital printers are the best tools to use while dealing with lower quantities such as creating 100 flyers or 20 greeting cards. The variable data capability is yet another major benefit of using digital printing. Digital printing is the best way to go when each piece requires a unique name, code and address. Offset printing cannot fulfill this need. Even though offset printing can work as a great way to come up with excellent print projects, business houses and individuals often require less than 500 units of the finished products, and therefore the best option to go for in such cases is of course digital printing.

Digital Printing Advantages

  • The costs for setup are much lower for the short runs
  • Lower minimum quantities, even as low as 50, 20 or 1 piece
  • It provides with the flexibility to print only the required amount as and when needed
  • Variable data capability, i.e. addresses, names, numbering or codes can be easily done
  • Black and white printing results can be obtained quite inexpensively
  • Improved technological features have made digital quality printing acceptable for wider range of uses
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