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Union Iron & Steel Company LLC Abu Dhabi

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Union Iron & Steel Company LLC Profile

Established in 2006, Union Iron and Steel is a private sector manufacturer of steel bars for concrete reinforcement, also knowns as rebars. With expertise in delivering high quality products and technologies, the company aims to meet the regions demand for quality steel bars while reducing huge import volumes. The company is positioned to manufacture rebars that conform to international quality standards and is able to supply them as per the market requirements. The plant is strategically located in the Abu Dhabi Industrial Zone and facilities include state-of-the-art, Italian Vai Pomini fully automated Rolling Mills with a capacity to produce 350,000 tons per year. UIS constantly strives to fulfill market needs. As part of our customer delivery, we realize that premium quality, innovation, competitive pricing and reliable services earn business. And thats where we deliver, anytime you need it, wherever you want it UIS provides a high quality product at a great price.

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