ATN Media is a young, dynamic free zone company established in 2002. Headed by professionals, the company has grown at a rapid pace as is evident from new products being added at regular intervals, each product registering unbound growth and technological upgrades being incorporated keeping in mind the fast changing global scenario.

Starting with ABC Business Pages, a B-2-B business directory with a whopping 150,000 entries in company listings, ATN Media has branched out to compiling a brand directory named Product Finder, a comprehensive hotel and restaurant guide and a monthly magazine, PrintWeek.

Keeping its finger firmly on the pulse of the regional market, ATN Media has now launched its E-Directories, the first such product in the entire Middle East.

ATN Media FZ LLC, A Khalid Abdullah Al Ghurair Enterprise, the leading publishers of Business Directories in the UAE.

The inception of this company can be tracked back to June 2003, where we began with one single publication, i.e. the Business Pages, and ever since have grown from strength to strength to currently publishing 4 business directories and a monthly magazine.

The company now comprises of over 90 staff of which about 50 are in the field, space selling and marketing. ATN Media fuctions in 4 offices: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and the Dubai Media City, which is our headquarter. Four different sales teams explore the market from the four different offices while the administration and the graphics departments work from the head office in the Dubai Media City.

Time is the most valuable commodity in today's world. Wasting your precious time looking for information is like messing up with your money.ATN has made it simpler and easy to access. The business directories from ATN Media can give you any kind of information, be it a company info or info on a particular brand. They are the most complete and most user-friendly business guides available in the market. With ATN it is completely hassle free and is a cakewalk as the information is at the user's fingertips.

ATN compiles all its directories in-house. Experience and youth go hand-in-hand in our production house where a well-equipped studio adds technical perfection to the team of expert and creative graphic designers, a well-versed team of editorial personnel adds verbal beauty to any creative visual, a dependable team of IT professionals gives the edp its stature and secures the database like mothers with their kids. Printing of the directories is done at Al Ghurair Printing & Publishing House, which is also a parental partner of ATN Media and a pioneering presence in the Printing industry in the UAE and the whole of GCC.

The most important ingredient for any directory publishers is their database. ATN has a 150,000 strong database which is frequently verified and constantly updated. The records included in the database contain information on a company's postal address, its contact details (telephone/fax numbers, email & website addresses), the details of its decision makers and even the location of the company. We proudly claim that our database is accurate, the most authentic, highly dependable and very frequently researched upon thus leaving our competitors lagging far behind.

Competition is rife in the country's business directory industry. ATN directories undoubtedly rank among the top few and are, with dedicated sources and focussed formats, striving hard to come to the top, to the Numero Uno. Innovation is its benchmark, total coverage, its motto, hard work, its ethic, ATN Media will not stop its efforts to improvement until there's no further room for improvement.