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Restaurants – Fast Foods

Every day, a large number of people are seen waiting in the queue for placing their orders at restaurants – fast foods in the UAE. Fast foods are really popular foods, not only in the UAE but all over the world. People get allured by the lucrative menu features, fried breakfasts, freshly brewed coffees and loaded pancakes. In this modernized world, visiting the restaurants is now a daily affair where people chit-chat with each other and meet their friends and family members over a cup of coffee and burger. With so much craze for fast food, the UAE has now perhaps become the hot destination for all the fast food brands. There are many outlets and restaurants trying to establish themselves in the fast growing market in the UAE.

The demand and the tradition of fast food and fast casual dining are rising with many brands such as McDonald, KFC etc. who are expanding their businesses in the UAE. This has led to increase in their disposable income as the number of shopping malls has increased and thus, the appetite for Western food has drastically rocketed among the public. According to Euromonitor, a research firm, it is expected that the trend of fast casual dining in the UAE is likely to grow from $6.4 billion in the year 2011 to $8.7 billion by the year 2015. Apart from this, burger chains are likely to have the biggest increase among all the fast foods. 

The number of American retailers has also dramatically inflated in the UAE. Smash Burger, IHOP and Shack Shack are some of the topmost American brands existing in the Dubai market. According to a study conducted by CBRE, global real estate consultant, 73 percent of all the American brands operate outside their local market in various countries such as Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East. After London, Dubai is the major target area for all the US retailers for establishing their fast food business. The menus of the UAE restaurants – fast foods have a great variety of food items served by brands from Canada, New Zealand, America and many others.  

There is an amazing combination of food items from different cultures and brands based in America, Europe, Asia and others. The start ups and franchises are setting up their fast food chains in the UAE with their excellent portfolios which are mixture of different portfolios, leading to an outstanding retail concept. There is a plethora of international brands that have crossed their borders and penetrated into the UAE market and have been successful in managing as well as expanding their franchises by opening up local branches. These fast food restaurants are parts of large restaurant chains or franchises. 

Fast food restaurants are also popularly known as quick service restaurants. They involve minimal table service and include foods such as burger, sandwich and pizza and mainly constitute meat-sweet diet. The menu of a fast food restaurant is basically limited with less food items but still they are mouth-watering. In the restaurants – fast foods of the Emirates, food is prepared in bulk in order to meet the daily demands of customers visiting the restaurants and it is then kept hot to be served quickly. Once cooking is finished, fast food is packed to deliver the orders of customers.

This packaged food is ready to eat and served hot if customers like to sit inside the restaurants or else taken away if they would like to bring the fast foods to their home or office. 

Burger, sandwich, Japanese fast food, Chinese fast food, Nepalese fast food, Sushi, beverages, Indian fast food, American fast food, pizza, street food, juices, Korean fast food, Chicken, seafood and many other fast foods are available. The fast food restaurants usually provide discounts and offers as well as provide home delivery to the customers for free.   

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