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Car Tinting


Summer season is the time when car owners want their cars get tinted to seek better protection from summer heat. Car tinting is allowed up to certain limits and this limit varies from country to country. It is basically measured in VLT i.e. Visual Light Transmission, a unit of measurement that measures the amount of light that can be passed through the car window. 30% VLT is the maximum level of car tinting in the UAE. During summer, the temperature in the UAE goes as high as 50 degree Celsius. Though some cars are already slightly tinted, its level is fixed at maximum 30%. The law allows merely the side and rear windows to be tainted and not the front window. If the car owners do not follow this rule, they are liable to pay AED 500 as the fine amount and their cars would be seized for 1 month.

Both women and men car owners need to abide by the car tinting rules in the Emirates. However, those suffering from medical conditions such as skin disease, problem in eye etc. are exempted from these rules. If car owner’s skin is sensitive to the sun rays, they must take approval from either police in the UAE or the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority). Such exemption cases are very rare and they would need the services for licensed medical practitioners to verify their sensitivity towards sun light or heat.

There are many advantages of car tinting. First of all, window tints are efficient in blocking 99.9 percent of UV rays while they can restrict 97 percent of infrared rays. It also depends upon the specification and brand of the car tinting service that determine up to what level heat from sun can be blocked. The quality of car tints limits the heat to pass through the vehicle even at the times when car is parked outside under the sun for hours. The reduced intake of heat makes the inside temperature of car quite cool and low. Also, while choosing the car tinting material, care should be taken. If metal coating is used, signal of mobile, radio and GPS can be affected. For this reason, various non-metallic films are being used in the cars nowadays such as coatings with carbon, metal-free coating, ceramic coating and others. 

One of the other reasons behind using car tinting is that direct heat from sun can fade the dashboard and seats. The colors of fabric and vinyl materials can be well prevented from getting faded for a long period of time with the use of car tinting. Tinting the cars maintains low temperature inside the cars but one should not cross the limits of tinting as it can affect the visibility of driver and thus, it can lead to risks of safety issues while driving the cars. Car tinting, just like sunglasses for the cars, not only provides shades but also enhances its appearance. The window film used for tinting purposes is produced with latest technology making it do heat rejection on a maximum level without the use of metal film layer. 

Since metal film layers interfere with satellite and radio signals, the non-metallic film layer is just a revolutionary product in the car tinting industry. It gives stylish appearance to the cars and provides great color stability as well. Many UAE companies offer high quality window film tinting and installation services. Car tinting is perhaps the most effective method of gaining protection from the hot sun and preventing oneself from the harmful sun rays. A strong window film layer can prevent harmful sun radiations from penetrating into the car and keeps the inside temperature of car cool as well. 




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