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Battery Acid - Manufacturers & Suppliers In Sharjah, UAE


How is battery acid manufactured in Sharjah?

Battery acid is manufactured by reacting lead and sulfuric acid to create lead sulfate. This chemical reaction produces toxic hydrogen gas and flammable liquids, such as benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene.

What kind of acid is commonly used in the battery industry in Sharjah?

Acids are commonly used in the battery industry to neutralize acids that may be produced during battery operations. The most common acid-neutralizing agent is sulfuric acid, which can be used in many industries, including automotive and energy.

What is the difference between SLA and VRLA batteries in Sharjah?

SLA and VRLA batteries are the most popular types of a battery today. SLA refers to sealed lead acid, while VRLA stands for valve-regulated lead-acid. The main difference between these two types of batteries is that SLA batteries use a glass or plastic container that holds the electrodes. In contrast, VRLA uses a metal canister with valves letting air in and out of the container.

What are the types of lead-acid batteries in Sharjah?

There are a few types of lead-acid batteries, but the most common is the flooded battery. Flooded lead-acid batteries use an acidic electrolyte (salt) to maintain a stable voltage and prevent sulfation.

What are the five main components of a lead-acid battery in Sharjah?

Lead-acid batteries consist of five main components: the lead plate, lead coating, separator, electrolyte solution, and storage container. The lead plate is the battery's primary source of power. It's usually made from heavy steel sheets coated with a thin layer of lead to provide stability and protection against corrosion.

What is the measurement of battery capacity in Sharjah?

The battery capacity is measured in watt-hours, abbreviated WH. This measurement shows how much power a battery can provide over an extended period. So, if you are looking to charge your device for more extended periods using the same charger, the higher the WH rating will be.
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