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Restaurants Arabic Lebanese Fujairah

  • Phone +971-9-2222281
  • Fax
  • Box No. 252
  • Emirate Fujairah
  • Area
  • Location Fujairah Mkt, Zam Zam S/Mkt Bldg

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Restaurants – Arabic/Lebanese

Though the popularity of Mediterranean and Western style cuisine is gaining popularity in the United Arab Emirates but restaurants – Arabic/Lebanese that serve traditional foods are also not behind. The Arabic food is also as delicious as any other food in the world. The speciality and uniqueness about these restaurants located in the UAE is that they overlook beautiful views of skylines and their menu options are endless. Mezzes served hot and cold, hommus with pine buts and meat, Arabic bread and more can be enjoyed while sitting in the traditional restaurants that provide special warmth and pleasing environment for the customers.

The restaurants – Arabic/Lebanese in the UAE are typical restaurants where ordering food does not take too long as several waiters are available. Various dishes to be tried out include mixed grill platter, chicken, grilled vegetables, arayes, beef and kofta. Apart from these superb menu items, it is easy to find collection of chips and burgers. The large outdoor seating area of these restaurants overlooks spectacular views of the UAE landscapes. The wide variety of food and beverages cater to all the tastes. Though these are public places, private dining can also be arranged in these amazing restaurants. Ordering food sitting in these restaurants surrounded by beautiful seaside views and watching TV or listening to live music create a great atmosphere for the customers.

The Arabic restaurants are the sites where customers can find blend of Arabian classic food and Asian fusion. Among tourists, families and businessmen, the UAE restaurants – Arabic/Lebanese are extremely popular who visit here to seek the pleasure of enjoying Arabic/Lebanese dining. Apart from socialising, these restaurants are also the right platforms for business meetings. Most of the dishes served in these restaurants focus at olive oil, bread, eggs and other meat items. Also, these restaurants are famous for the menu features that are based on aromatic and spiced food items. An important thing to note about these Arabic/Lebanese restaurants is that they do not serve dishes that are pork based such as pork meat though customers can different lamb, chicken and meat items. Some of the examples of different types of popular Arabic restaurants include restaurants that are Egyptian, Syrian, Lebanese, Moroccan and Jordanian.

The restaurants – Arabic/Lebanese in Abu Dhabhi, Sharjah and other major cities have major collection of incredible Arabic food from all across the Middle East. They have a rich variety of all the culinary items to satisfy the taste buds of customers. These prestigious restaurants are known for the delightful treats they offer to the customers. What is more, the customers find it entertaining to see the in-house belly dancers performing with the live band and amazing music played in the restaurants. As multiculturalism in the Middle East is growing, the popularity of Lebanese cuisine is also gaining popularity. Being a fusion cuisine, it attracts a wide range of customers including international visitors and the expat communities.

There is a huge demand of Lebanese food in the Middle East since it seems to be more similar to Mediterranean food than Arabic food and it also has similarity with the food from countries such as Italy, Greece, France and Cyprus. Its strong demand as well as popularity is more evident from the cuisines served in the local events. The Lebanese cuisine consists of foods such as fresh salads, pickles, olives and raw vegetables. Merely grilling of meat is done to retain the flavours and then herbs, garlic and lemon are further added to enhance the taste. Above all, the Lebanese food items such as grills, appetisers, mezze and main dishes are extremely popular among the customers as they are healthy, real and fresh.




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