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Cellular Phones and Mobile Phones

The United Arab Emirates has perhaps one of the biggest markets for cellular phones and mobile phones. Consumers of this country have a great appetite for electronic product. Customers purchase a cell phone by considering three main features of the phone viz. screen size, RAM memory and internal memory. Mobile phones are available in different screen sizes ranging from small size of an old phone to large size of today’s phablets. It is better to choose the phone that has higher RAM because it would make it easy for the customers to run multiple applications without affecting performance.

Owning a personal mobile phone is the need of the hour today. It is used for multiple purposes, makes the job easy and saves time too. From calling someone to making a video call and from doing mathematical calculation to clicking pictures, everything is possible with the help of a mobile phone. Some of the top brands that manufacture cellular phones and mobile phones include Apple, Samsung, Galaxy series, Nokia, HTC, Huawei, Sony, Balckberry, Gfive, Lenovo, BLU, Xtouch, CITYCALL, LG, Alcatel, Xtouch, Meizu, Xiaomi and others. Earlier, mobile phones used to be very costly but now, they are available at much lower costs in the UAE. The phone with even maximum enhanced features can be purchased at an affordable rate nowadays.

A wide range of cellular phones and mobile phones along with their accessories are available for purchase in the UAE market. The Emirates Telecommunication Corporation is one of the best networks across the world to offer various kinds of mobile phones. There is an array of stylish and sleek mobile devices available with the mobile phone providers in Dubai. They offer exclusive features, exemplary touch screen technology, maximum usability and advanced functionality in the handset. Other than this, they are available in different range of colours such as black, white, silver, gold, pink gold, brown, indigo blue, pink and others.

Apple is the topmost brand which is pioneered in manufacturing smart phone as the first generation iPhone. It has made its mark in the world and has brought an altogether new industry. Samsung Galaxy series are also in great demand among the mobile consumers while HTC is a strong contender for designing beautiful smart phones. The UAE mobile phone providers offer such competitive and innovation solutions in the mobile industry at reasonable prices.

The United Arab Emirates is a leader in mobile phone penetration in Africa and Middle East. eMarketer had estimated the percentage of the UAE population that used mobile phones in the year 2015 to be around 73%. According to this forecast, this percentage would slightly rise by around 3 quarters in the year 2018 and is likely to be the highest during that period. Other countries such as South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia would be following the UAE in mobile phone penetration as per this forecast. The cellular phones available in the UAE market have long term value, durability and dependability.  The UAE manufacturers design the mobile phones with latest technology that make the people feel comfortable about using them.

Customers can also take advantage of buying the cellular phones from the UAE market by paying at low rates as compared to the other countries. It can be especially advantageous for the travellers who would like to save a big amount of money. The mobile phones are brand new, easy to use and have a great battery life. They are equipped with all the modern features such as bluetooth, camera, Dual SIM, FM radio, mobile applications, touch screen, Quad core processor, RAM, Wi-Fi, social networking apps, video recording and others. Whether travelling for business or for personal purpose, keeping the UAE mobile phone in pocket would be the perfect way of staying connected with friends and relatives.




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