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Massage Centers Fujairah

  • Phone +971-9-2243833
  • Fax +971-9-2276482
  • Box No. 2723
  • Emirate Fujairah
  • Area
  • Location Sh Hamdan Bldg, Nr Summerland Hotel
  • Phone +971-9-2244360
  • Fax
  • Box No. 0
  • Emirate Fujairah
  • Area
  • Location Hamad Bin Abdulla Rd

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Message Therapists

A number of people prefer taking message therapies. Companies in the United Arab Emirates hire massage therapists to assist the clients seeking relaxation and rejuvenation in spas. For some, messaging is an exercise to pamper their body but others consider it as a necessity for keeping good health and overcoming body injuries. Before choosing a message therapist, customer should be aware of its shoulder compliance, ease with back niggle or compliance with stiff neck and others. Customers should know the qualifications of massage therapists and the approach they follow. Apart from this, they can be aware of the number of years the massage therapist has been doing massage and what different kinds of massages he can do. Customers can also ask questions to the therapists before undergoing message.

The massage therapists in the UAE are knowledgeable and qualified enough to assist the customers in different types of messages. The message therapist who is qualified would be able to find out what is happening in the body at the initial stage of massaging the muscles. He first communicates with the customer to know whether the customer has any injury, or had injury in the past or not, so that he can identify if there could be any issues that may arise during the massage treatment. Massaging the body provides relaxation and relief from all kinds of stress. There are many massage therapists in the Emirates who are specialized in providing different types of message treatments. Some of the ideal message therapies include Swedish style traditional message, aromatherapy, hot stone and others.

A masseur is the specialist who performs massage treatment on everyone. He is trained in the right procedure and technique of doing massage and he thus follows the same technique on every customer. Those customers who have injuries related to soft tissue, musculoskeletal, muscle tension or other minor injuries should go for sports massage or remedial massage. In massages that are being performed in spas, customer lies down and is massaged. In comparison to this, the sports massage is comparatively more interactive. Also, this massage varies and depends upon the specific needs of the client. Massage is not recommended to those customers who have inflammation and acute pain in their body. Massaging on an injured body can be more harmful and hence it should be avoided. And most importantly, customers should consult with only qualified and experienced massage therapists.

A therapist who is not qualified would be unaware of the risks of deep-vein thrombosis and blood clots. It is always good to work along with a physiotherapist if there are general concerns and risks with the body. In the body, there are sensitive areas that should be avoided in a massage such as spine, either side of spine, kidney, abdomen and other organs. The experienced massagers who have experience in messaging techniques such as sports massage, myofascial release techniques and deep-tissue release techniques should be consulted to promote recovery from injuries and rehabilitation in the best way possible. Before taking decision on undergoing massage, customers should do enough research to find out the experienced, reliable and knowledgeable massage therapists. According to the experts, customers can also contact physiotherapist, chiropractor or seek medical advice.

Various massage therapies are available to the clients that provide relaxation to the aching and tired muscles through various techniques. These therapies act by boosting up the function of muscles and decreasing reflex activity of the muscles. Massaging speeds up the process of healing and inhibit excitability of motor-neuron. Massagers use mechanical aids or manually do the massage with pressure, vibration, motion, stationary and other techniques. Massaging can be done with hands, elbows, fingers, feet, forearms and knees.

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