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Auto Glass Fujairah

  • Phone +971-9-2232858
  • Fax +971-9-2222789
  • Box No. 2898
  • Emirate Fujairah
  • Area Sanaiya
  • Location Industrial Area
  • Phone +971-9-2225090
  • Fax +971-9-2222789
  • Box No. 2898
  • Emirate Fujairah
  • Area
  • Location

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Automobile Glass UAE

Automobile Glass suppliers and service companies in the UAE offer a wide range of automotive windscreens, side windows, rear windows and glass panel roofs for any type of vehicle, as well as car glass repair and replacement services.

Nowadays, the most used material for these parts is laminated glass, a type of safety glass that does not fall apart in pieces when hit and shattered, due to its plastic interlayer placed between the two or more layers of glass. This interlayer is meant to keep the part together and produces a so called spider web crack when hit but, in some cases, it can break when the impact is extremely powerful.

Damaged or smashed vehicle glass parts need to be replaced and there are many firms that provide a fast and reliable replacement service, done with high quality professional tools and equipment, in order to eliminate all risks of damaging the body of the car or the new glass part when fitted. Usually, the procedure does not take more than an hour, but it is recommended not to drive the car for at least another hour after the windscreen or any other glass part has been replaced. If you notice any kind of leakage after the replacement, it will be repaired free of charge, as part of the warranty.

Repairing a windscreen that is a little cracked or only has a small rock chip is a much more cheaper alternative to buying a new one and replacing it. The repairing procedure implies vacuuming air from the damaged area and injecting a special clear liquid adhesive into the cracked area, which is afterwards cured with UV light, scarped flat and polished in the end. The entire procedure usually does not take more than half an hour. Circular and linear cracks that cover up to a quarter of the windscreen, small crack chips, dings, pits and star shaped breaks can usually be repaired without removing the glass.

However, there are some cases, for example a damaged area that is too extended, a crack on the inside of the windscreen, a deep damage on both layers of the glass, cracks that reach into the critical viewing area of the driver, complex multiple cracks, cracks longer than 60 cm, contaminated cracks or edge cracks and chips, when repairing is not possible and a complete replacement of the glass piece is recommended and necessary.

Scratches, even deep ones, can easily be removed from the windscreen, due to a new and innovative glass polishing technology that brings back the original clear vision.

Windscreen replacement or repair can be done in any automobile glass service centers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Um al Quwain, Ajman, Fujairah and Ras al Khaimah and most of the service centers also have the option of scheduling an at home or at work repair or replacement, if it is more convenient for you. Also, the off-site mobile service is offered free of charge, so you can decide which option suits you best. The services are available for all types of vehicles, including cars and vans from any brand, trucks or buses.

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