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Cathodic Protection - Suppliers and Services

Cathodic protection is a method of controlling the corrosion on a metal surface, by connecting it with a part made of more corrosive metal that will be damaged instead of the surface that needs to be protected. This system is used for various types of metallic structures used in different sectors, such as steel water or fuel pipelines, steel storage tanks, steel pier piles, ship and boat hulls, oil platforms and casings, metal reinforcement bars used in concrete structures and galvanized steel structures.

There are companies in Dubai that are specialized in cathodic protection services in a variety of applications, providing complete services that include corrosion testing and control services, corrosion engineering consulting, soil corrosiveness and resistivity testing, forensic analysis, environmental compliance verification, pipeline systems corrosion and integrity testing, pipe to soil potential measurements, pipeline electrical continuity and isolation testing, cathodic protection systems design, testing, troubleshooting, analysis and maintenance, insulating joint electrical testing, stray current mitigation design and testing, corrosion testing and solutions program development, as well as compliance inspections for the oil, gas, petrochemical, refinery, waste water, energy, marine and power industries, among many others. The companies provide the necessary supplies, including air cooled, oil cooled, utility, full open or explosion proof rectifiers, either with pole mounts, galvanized enclosures, removable chassis, magnetic breakers or permanently engraved panels and aluminum, aluminum alloy, magnesium or zinc anodes, as well as high silicon cast iron, graphite, mixed metal oxide, platinum or probe anodes, linear anode systems, anode sleds and accessories, vent pipes, electrodes, insulated parts, different types of coatings and linings, voltage protections and isolators, pipeline fittings, unions and joints, gaskets and flange isolations, spacers and seals, standard or custom made junction boxes, enclosures, cathode protection cables, cable attachments, vapor corrosion inhibitors, moisture sealing products, electrical tapes, sealants, repair patches and exothermic welding supplies, depending on the type of project and the requirements for each type of application. If you need cathodic protection for any metal structures used in your business, contact one of the companies specialized in the sector and the skilled engineers and technicians will be able to tell you which method is the most suitable in your case, what are the necessary steps during the process and the supplies that are required for the job, as well as the total price for the complete services you need. Also, they will be able to answer to any questions you might have regarding the process.

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