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Remote Sensing UAE

  • Phone +971-2-6426221
  • Fax +971-2-6424452
  • Box No. 107711
  • Emirate Abu Dhabi
  • Area
  • Location Defence Rd, Opp Al Wadha Club
  • Phone +971-4-2699895
  • Fax +971-4-2699307
  • Box No. 1286
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Deira
  • Location Deira, Al Ittihad Rd, Next to Al Qiyadah Metro, Belhasa Building

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Remote Sensing

Remote sensing deals with obtaining information about any object or area remotely from a distance. Satellites and aircrafts are examples of the equipments using which remote sensing is done and important data is collected. For instance, LIDAR image (Light Detection and Ranging) can be created using the data collected through the science of remote sensing. This is possible with the help of sensors that are there on the satellites and aircrafts. These remote sensors work by collecting the data when energy is detected after it is reflected from Earth.

There are two types of remote sensors viz. active sensors and passive sensors. Passive remote sensors work on the principle of responding to external stimuli. The natural energy which is reflected or emitted from the surface of Earth is recorded by these sensors. Reflected sunlight is the most common radiation source detected by passive sensors. In comparison to the passive sensors, active sensors make use of internal stimuli for collecting the data about Earth. For instance, a remote sensing system based on laser beam sends a laser to the surface of Earth and then measures the time it takes to return back to the sensor.

Remote sensors have a large number of applications viz. coastal applications, ocean applications, hazard assessment and natural resource management. For coastal applications, remote sensors can be used for monitoring the shoreline changes, mapping the coastal features and tracking sediment transport. The data collected with this process is further used for preventing erosion and coastal mapping. Other than this, remote sensing system is used for monitoring the circulation of oceans, tracking the sea ice and measuring the temperature of ocean and heights of wave. Data collected from this is used for understanding the ocean better and learning about managing the ocean resources effectively. Remote sensors are highly useful for tracking the floods, hurricanes, erosions and earthquakes. Data collected from this process can be utilized for assessing the impact of natural disaster and for preparing effective strategies that can be helpful before and after the occurrence of hazardous event. Other than this, the remote sensors are also found extremely beneficial in monitoring the usage of land, creating charts of wildlife habitats and creating maps of wetlands. The collected data is then wisely used to reduce the damage done by urban development and to protect the natural resources.

There are manufacturers in the UAE that deal with providing state of the art remote sensing technology. They sell remote sensing software such as ENVI, IDL, ScanMagic, ScanEx Image Processor and others. For example, ENVI is the remote sensing software used for geospatial analytics and IDL is scientific programming language used for meaningful visualisations. Experienced developers of the companies have designed and developed these world class solutions. The demand for these products is continuously rising in the market across various sectors such as oil industry, municipalities, utilities companies, environmental agencies and police. These modern tools enable humans to realize the significance of spatial aspects of various processes that influence natural as well as societal environments.


The remote sensing technologies developed by the UAE companies are well utilized by education and research institutes along with governmental sectors for conducting research as well as comprehensive studies required for the design and implementation of applications of international standards for their use in creating Earth observation images. There are a number of disciplines in which remote sensors are used include geology, hydrology, terrestrial ecosystem, topography, climate, land cover, agriculture and forestry. Remote sensing technologies promote usage of advanced scientific techniques and modern knowledge for their valuable contribution for the humanity, skilled professionals and educational institutions.  

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