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Doctors - Urologists

Urology is the medical field dealing with different surgical and non-surgical medical conditions associated with the male and female urinary tract system, as well as with the male reproductive system.

Urologists in Dubai provide complete diagnosis, treatment and medical care for patients with various urinary tract system and male reproductive system disorders, for example prostatic diseases such as infections of the prostate, enlargement of the prostate and other more serious prostate problems, urinary tract stones, male impotence and infertility, male and female urinary tract infections and birth defects of the urinary and genital organs, as well as for more complicated urinary tract system or reproductive male system health issues.

After an initial examination, if the doctors may consider that you need to go through further investigations, such as an x-ray of your kidneys, a urinary flow diagnosis or a cystoscopic examination, the necessary steps that are needed for an accurate diagnosis are discussed in detail during the consultation. A complete explanation of the procedures is given most of the time, so that you are aware what the tests are that you require and why they are needed. If any type of treatment is necessary, the urologists will explain to you all of the available options in order to enable you to make an informed choice. The doctors providing your care are able to answer to any concerns and enquiries you might have regarding the nature of the investigations you need to go through, the surgical and non-surgical procedures that might be necessary, the healing period, the chance to get the expected results, the risks implied by undergoing such procedures and the possible side effects or interactions the medication that has been prescribed to you might have.

All information about a patient is collected only for providing the most adequate medical care and treatment for him and all the people who come in contact with this information, including doctors and nurses, have a legal duty to keep it confidential. Necessary information will only be shared with other urologists, specialists in other fields surgeons or with your general practitioner, from whom you might be receiving care and who need to be informed of any detail regarding your health condition, before deciding whether you are suitable or not for a procedure or prescribing any type of medication. Furthermore, all the doctors who receive the information and the persons who handle it are also under the legal duty to keep it confidential.