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Urology Clinics

Urology is the medical branch that deals with the surgical and non-surgical medical conditions associated with the male and female urinary tract system, as well as with the male reproductive organs.

The clinics in Dubai that are specialized in urology provide complete diagnosis, treatment and condition management for patients with various urinary tract system and male reproductive system disorders, for example prostatic diseases such as infections of the prostate, enlargement of the prostate in elderly men and other more serious prostate problems, urinary tract stones, male impotence and infertility, male and female urinary tract infections and birth defects of the urinary and genital organs, among others. Some of the medical procedures for these conditions that are provided by the experienced physicians from these clinics include cystoscopic examination, urinary flow problems diagnosis using urodynamic equipment, microwave hyperthermia for the treatment of chronic prostatitis, 3D ultrasound examination of the kidneys, bladder and prostate, treatment of male infertility, treatment of stress incontinence, surgical correction and repair of the pelvic floor, diagnosis and treatment of pediatric urological problems, treatment of congenital disease, shock wave lithotripsy for kidney and urethral stones removal, botox injection overactive bladder treatment, laser surgery for prostate removal, microsurgery for male infertility and treatment of erectile dysfunctions.

After an initial consultation and examination, the skilled doctors from any of the urology clinics in Dubai will decide what type of equipment assisted diagnosis method is required from the wide array of methods in which the latest technologies are used, such as Doppler studies, intravenous urogram tests, different laboratory tests for determining the cause of a possible infection, biochemistry tests for detecting the functioning of the kidneys as well as for the detection of diabetes and full urodynamic studies to determine the possible abnormalities of the bladder functions. Additional investigations like X-ray computed tomography scans, magnetic resonance imaging or Isotope studies might be required for an accurate diagnostic. You can be sure that by choosing any of these clinics in Dubai that are specialized in urology you will be treated only by experienced doctors who use state of the art equipment for diagnosing and treating your condition. Also, all of the doctors and nurses providing the services you need respect the highest professionalism and confidentiality standards. You can either make an appointment with one of the practitioners or go directly to the department for a consultation, although the last option might require a longer waiting time.