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Inflatable Boats UAE

When choosing the best inflatable boat, there are some features that you should consider, like the material used for constructing it, its size and the type of the boat, which implies for what kind of activities you want to use it. If you are looking for a spacious, easy to control boat that you intend to use just for enjoyment sailing at sea, comfort cruising or easy cruising inflatable boats are the best options. If you want to use the boat for different water sports, like diving and inflatable boat flying, sport types of boats that ensure the performance and the security you need are recommended.

Inflatable boats suppliers in the UAE offer a variety of inflatable cruising boats and sports boats, intended for different activities at sea. The cruising ones are platform type inflatable boats that have a good capacity of carrying load and are considered safe, due to their multiple air chambers that do not allow the boat to sink if one of them happens to deflate. They are usually used for fishing. The sport types of boats are used for going diving in the sea or for various water sports, including an extremely popular one in Dubai, inflatable boat flying. This water sport preferred by many tourists that come to visit the UAE implies flying at hundreds of meters over the sea in a very lightweight inflatable boat, while admiring the city and its surroundings. A light aluminum wing is connected to the boat by an engine, which provides the lift it needs and allows it to safely land on water. This is a great option for the ones who are looking for a peaceful experience at sea and are not interested in high speed water sports, like waterskiing, an of course, are hot afraid of heights.

The material from which the boat is made is also an important thing to take into consideration. The ones made of polyester fabric that are welded with PVC covers on both sides are very resistant to high temperatures, like in Dubai, to salt water and also to minor damage like small tears or abrasion, and are preferred to the cheaper alternatives made of neoprene or other types of rubbery materials. After gluing, their seams are reinforced with water resistant seam tape, both on the inside and on the outside, so you can be sure they are secure to use even in the heat. Also, the polyester ones are much more easier to repair and are usually provided with a warranty of up to three to five years. There is also the option of purchasing an expensive boat constructed from hypalon, a thicker and more resistant kind of fabric, which is more robust, if you intend to use it intensively or for performance sports.

Each inflatable boat sold by the suppliers in the UAE is carefully tested for air tightness, as well as for resistance in extreme weather conditions, so it is guaranteed to be durable and safe for you and your family, no matter which water activities you plan to use it for.