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Analytical Instruments

The United Arab Emirates has a network of some of the leading manufacturers of analytical instruments. These companies have a team of experienced engineers consisting of electronic engineers, physicists and chemists who are experts in developing and manufacturing the analytical instruments which can be used for monitoring the quality of various materials and items. They are recognized in offering comprehensive laboratory solutions to various life science, chemical and analytical industries in the Middle East, India and Africa. They are efficient in serving the growing laboratory needs of their clients. The analytical and scientific instruments manufactured by the UAE companies are cost effective products that add value to their laboratories. These instruments assist the scientists, experimenters, students and others to accurately conduct quantitative and qualitative measurements.

The UAE manufacturers of analytical instruments have a dedicated and knowledgeable team of professionals, application specialists and product specialists who understand the needs of the customers and supply the right products suitable to the requirements of the customers. They are also given intensive trainings through which they test and calibrate the products before supplying to the customers. These leading analytical solution providers are well equipped with all the facilities required to perform sample extraction, preparing, testing and analysing the results. Prior to the sales, they facilitate demonstration of the instruments and their applications, calibration of instruments, their accreditation and documentation according to the needs of their customers. Apart from this, their trained staff members train the customers in effectively using the instruments through conducting short term and long term training programmes.

The analytical instruments manufactured in the UAE are in demand in various industries such as hydrocarbon processing, academic research, environment, forensics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food, material science and others. Various analytical instruments supplied by the UAE companies include sensors, electrodes, portable handheld sampling equipment, continuous monitoring equipment, data loggers, sondes, flowmeters, laboratory equipments, acoustic Doppler velocimeters, profilers, process instruments, accessories, consumables, heavy equipment systems, autosampler, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography, molecular spectroscopy, atomic spectroscopy, microarrays scanner, PCR, oil detectors, nitric oxide analyzer, refractometers, polarimeters, density meters, gas analyzers, flame photometers, melting point meters, microscopes, software, thermostats, spectroscopes, spectrometers, cold light sources, UV lamps and others.

The analytical instruments have a wide range of applications in industries of petrochemicals, geology, research, ecology, building, metallurgy, mining, diagnosis and monitoring and others. Diffractometers, spectrometers, analyzers and others are commonly used analytical instruments for these applications. In the manufacturing companies, testing of the quality of raw materials, end products and the quality of water are well conducted with the help of analytical instruments. Basically, a laboratory is useless without the availability of analytical instruments that play an extremely important role in quality analysis. There are a number of parameters on which the quality of a product or raw material depends. For example, testing of pH, ammonium, sodium, chlorine etc. is done for analysing the quality of water.

Manufacturing of analytical instruments is done with utmost care. Since these are the instruments that are used for analysis of quality of different materials and products, it becomes extremely essential that they are free from defects that may affect the measurements and analysis. From beginning till the end, the analytical machines undergo severe quality control measures that ensure producing high quality instruments that are ready to be used for making precise and accurate measurements. These products are not released to the market until they undergo final testing and get approval from the quality assurance departments. In the UAE, the suppliers of analytical instruments provide the broadest range of measurement solutions for the global market required for meeting the needs of quality assurance, quality control and research and development.