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Restaurants – Filipino/Thai

Restaurants – Filipino/Thai in the UAE are in large number and serve top notch quality food. Adobo, Bistek Tegalog, Afritada, Camaron Rebosado, Asado, Bopis, Barbecue and others are the examples of some of the popular dishes served in these restaurants which are prepared by highly talented and professional chefs. Not only in the UAE but in the whole world, Filipino and Thai foods are considered to be some of the most delicious foods. Examples of popular Thai foods include Som Tam, Geng Med Moung, Tom Yam Goong, Gai Med Ma Moung, Tom Kha Gai, Kuay Tiew, Geng Kheaw Wan Gai and Pad Thai. 

Chefs in the UAE restaurants – Filipino/Thai are specialized in preparing Filipino and Thai foods in the same way they are prepared in their native places. For the foodies in the Emirates and the Middle East, it brings a fascinating experience to enjoy the Thai cuisine with the flavors mixed with the contemporary cuisine. Customers can enjoy eating scrumptious food while sitting in the pleasant surroundings. The Filipino/Thai restaurants rank high among the other restaurants in terms of exploring the journey of amazing dining experience. Some restaurants present absolutely spectacular dining discovery and use boats to escort the customers to the dining rooms where they enjoy Filipino/Thai dishes while overlooking the views of the waterways.

The culinary magic starts with feel of aromatic and innovative dishes served in the plates in the same traditional ways in which they are served in Thailand. Starters include dishes like crispy beef, river prawns etc. with usage of garlic sauce, chilli sauce, red curry sauce, coriander and kaffir lime leaves. The flavor and the romantic surroundings make the occasions extremely special. Enjoying Thai cuisine in the cosmopolitan and busy city of Dubai is an enriching experience for the enthusiasts and Thai foodies. Some of the restaurants – Filipino/Thai even hire native Thai or Filipino servers to fully create the Thai environment. Thai food collection at these restaurants is vast constituting Gaeng Kiew Wan, Gluay Tod, Satai Gai, Kao Pad, Pad Thai and others. Gaeng Kiew Wan is a dish similar to that of chicken curry served in Philippine and Gluay Tod is a Thai version of Bananacue which is a famous snack available at Philippine. 

Similar to this, Kao Pad Sapparot is nothing but fried rice along with pineapple, as available in Thai. Pineapple brings sweetness to this dish which is well complemented with flavors of curry and shrimp mixed with rice. Another delightful Thai dish is Thai Soup which is hot and spicy. Wok-tossed prawn is the main dish which is served with pepper sauce and garlic. Shrimps are also delicious too and when in the plates, they easily get finished in no time. Pad Med Mamuang, lemongrass, Pla Neung Khing etc. are some of the other popular dishes. Dubai is a city flooded with Filipino dishes served at various restaurants. Filipino lunch can be just an eye opener for the customers and is beyond just fried chicken. The complimentary bowl of egg soup can be great starter that actually acts like a soul healing food with detoxifying effects to purify mind and soul after the busy day schedule. 

The lunch at the Filipino restaurants can be big chunks of meat with some vegetables and sweetish gravy. It can be minced meat and vegetables like carrots. Dessert served in these restaurants can be a mixture of healthy ingredients which may consist of protein rich beans. Bagoong rice, kalbasa, nilagang bulalo and ginataang sitaw etc. are many delicious Filipino dishes that are just endless in the menu options available at the restaurants in Dubai. Thus, the menus of Filipino and Thai restaurants are full of dishes from traditional Thai and Filipino cuisines with contemporary touches.  




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