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Adhesive Tapes

The manufacturers of the United Arab Emirates offer a comprehensive range of adhesive tapes for industrial and general purposes. They are leading companies to produce specialty tapes of highest quality to meet the requirements of the clients. They have state of the art equipments for manufacturing supreme quality products that they supply to the customers at competitive pricing. These adhesive tapes are in high demand in the countries of Europe, Middle East, India and Africa. Some of the adhesive tapes produced by these companies include aluminium tapes, glass industry tapes, HVAC industrial tapes, form tapes, gaskets tapes, industrial tapes, insulation tapes, insulation foam tapes, foam gasket tapes and general purpose tapes. 

The UAE manufacturers of adhesive tapes have a team of technically qualified professionals for developing new products or to modify existing products and offer custom solutions to the clients. The make use of electronic file sharing system and computer aided designs for providing quality services. The high quality products produced by the companies meet international standards and offer excellent customer satisfaction. For the HVAC industry, various adhesive tapes that are available in the market include foam gasket tape, alupet tape, aluminium foil tape, solvent based foam tape, aluglass tape and others. Surface protection tape, double sided glazing tape and double sided foam tape are some of the tapes used in aluminium and glass industry. Carry handle tape and double sided polyester tape are the tapes used for industrial and general purposes.

There are a number of exporters, importers and suppliers of self adhesive tapes in the UAE. This self adhesive tape has an excellent adhesion property and is used across various industries such as pharmaceutical, garment and others. These tapes are available in different sizes, colours and designs. They have the sound infrastructure for offering reliable and quality tested products. Double-sided mounting tape, masking tape, protection tape, packaging tape, warning tape, cloth tape, duct tape and self adhesive tape are some of the quality products available with the UAE manufacturers. These adhesive tapes are in high demand in the electronic, automotive industry and electrical goods such as paper production, plastic production, mobile phones and newsprint. Further to this, these tapes can also be used for wrapping the big applications such as pallets, GRP tanks, motors and cartoons.

The adhesive tapes built by the UAE manufacturers are of huge demand in the HVAC industry. Their specialty is that they can withstand extreme temperatures of GCC and other countries. They have high thermal conductivity which can maximize their efficiency of cooling or heating. There are a number of applications of using such adhesive tapes such as joining foil-faced glass fiber, to seal off air conditioning, usage in rock-wool insulation panels, to seal the joints in ducting, warm or cool the air flow ducting and others. They are retardant to flame and have high temperature performance. The quality of adhesive tapes is timeless and its appearance does not age with time. These products are manufactured with high precision and accuracy to meet the specific needs of the clients.

The BOPP packaging tape designed by the UAE manufacturers is transparent and crystal clear. It consists of water based adhesives of high grade and is suitable for heavy bundling and tight carton sealing. It has great adhesion and non-irritant properties and can be used for detecting tampering of cartons and detecting pilferage. Clients can also customize the tapes with prints of their logos that can be perfect for enhancing the brand entity and advertising. The visual appeal and colouring on the tapes are retained even in extreme climate zones and during transit from one country to the other.  


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