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ABN Shipping Services Co LLC

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Fortuna Global Shipping & Logistics LLC

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Globelink West Star Shipping LLC

Globelink West Star Shipping LLC   dubai, uae
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International Shipping Bureau LLC

International Shipping Bureau LLC   dubai, uae

3 Way Logistics

54 East World Logistics Cargo LLC

54 East World Logistics Cargo LLC   dubai, uae

A P L Emirates LLC

Aaras Shipping Line LLC

Abbas Juma Clrg & Fwdg Co LLC

Abbas Juma Clrg & Fwdg Co LLC   dubai, uae

ABC Logistics LLC

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Shipping companies and agents are organisations & individuals involved in international shipping, import and export, freight and courier services, cargo carriage & removals. For businesses engaged in importing / exporting goods, the services of a shipping company is almost necessity, and many of these companies work closely with freight companies to ensure easy transition of goods through international ports.

A main element of the services performed by shipping agents is the logistics & administration of ensuring goods are transported legally & safety through international customs. Individual countries have own specific rules & regulations, duties & taxes for the import-export of goods, and a shipping agent will typically be able to support business owners with customs compliance, to ensure relatively easy passage of goods. Having goods maintained in customs back in ships ports can be expensive, and shipping agents are able to give experience with the aim of avoiding such high costly delays.

Individuals may like to engage the services of a shipping agent to transport big single items, total households in the moving, overseas. Some companies will offer a door to door service which includes a combination of road, sea & rail transport, and it can be handy & comforting for individuals to know that the coordination of these types of transport is the responsibility of one company / agent.

A shipping agency or shipping agent is the designated person / agency held responsible for maintaining shipments & cargo at ports and harbours across the world on behalf of shipping companies. In some parts of the area, these agents are referred to as port agents / cargo brokers. There are different categories of shipping agents port agents, own agencies and liner agents, each giving services depending on the company they represent.

Shipping agents will usually do all the common tasks of a shipping company quickly and efficiently. They ensure that important supplies, crew transfers, customs documentation and waste declarations are all handled with the port authorities without any delay. Quite often, they also provide the shipping company with updates & reports on activities at the destination port so that shipping companies have real time information available to them while goods are in transit.

lobal air freight service providers, and has strategic alliances with Airlines on a regional as well as a global basis. They provide complete solutions in air-air, air-sea, sea-air and consolidation services. They can also deal charters for special projects services, dangerous goods, and over-sized cargo. Apart from above services freight forwarding services, they are specialized in the some of the services includes ulk Cargo Services, NVOCC Operations, CFS Consol Operations, Customs Clearance, Land Transportation Local & GCC Countries and Value Added Services.

Marine Shipping Companies & Agents provide services such as Towage and Lighterage, Ship Chartering, Ship supplies & Ship spares, Ship owner matters, Marine survey, ISO tank handling operations etc.

Shipping services are generally includes Shipping Agency, Freight Forwarding, Break Bulk & Project Cargo, Packing & Shifting, Exhibitions Handling, Overland Import Export Transportation, Custom Clearance, Container Storage & Cargo, Chartering Services and others.

Some of the companies¿ offering best network within the Arabian Gulf to satisfy any challenge at anytime. Meet client trust through accountability & action regardless of the nature of the cargo. Develop long term relationships built on mutual understanding. They handles Land, Sea & Air shipping of Heavy Lift Cargo, Rig movements, Out Of Gauge, Break Bulk, Hazardous, Specialist in Power Generation, Construction and the Oil & Gas Industry, Full / Part Charter Ocean Vessel or Barge, 24 hours per day service and many services.

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