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Safety clothing and equipment becomes necessity while working with hazards that include physical, electrical, chemicals, heat, bio-hazards and airborne particulate matter. It is wanted for job related safety, health purposes, sports and other activities. The main propose of the manufacturers of safety clothing & equipments is to decrease the risks to acceptable levels. The manufacturers or suppliers of safety equipments in UAE offer a wide range of personal protective clothing for all requirements. Different types of protection offered include Disposable Protective Clothing, Chemical Protective Clothing, CFR Gear, Turnout Gear, Drag Rescue Device, Safety Gloves, Extrication Suits, Wild lands Fire Gear, Hand and Arm Protection, Hi Visibility Reflective Clothing, Heat Protective Clothing, Woven Apparel, Arc Protective Clothing and others. The safety equipment supplied by these manufacturers in UAE is generally classified depend on the type of hazard that can be treated and the type of garment. Safety clothing and equipment required are spread over different places including medicine, biological research to firefighting, diving equipments and others. Steel toe caps & steel insoles are developed by the manufacturers of protective equipment for protection of the feet from crushing injuries. These equipments are used by workers in the chemical petrochemical, automotive, health care, glass, cement and other industries in which hazardous materials must be treated. These equipments and clothing are made to conform to international standards and come in many sizes.

Work area safety is about avoiding injury and illness to employees & volunteers in the workplace. Therefore, it's about saving the most valuable this to the workers. To make the work area safer, the organization has to acknowledge which potential health & safety hazards are present. Or determine where & what and how a worker is likely to become injured / ill.

Many Safety Equipment & Clothing suppliers in UAE are distributor of Personal Protective Equipments, such as Head Protection, Respiratory Protection, Eye Protection, Hearing Protection, wide range of Protective Gloves, Footwear, Fall Protection as well as Protective Garments, Marine Safety, Road Safety, Skin Cares, different type of Safety Signs & Emergency Equipments such as Industrial First Aid Kits, Emergency Stretchers and Fire Blankets. They maintaining popular brands such as Manager's, Chic, Plus, Allsafe, Cederroth, Cristin, Electrosoft, Howard Leight, In-Air, Miller, Riancy, MSA, Huck, Physioderm, Mutexil, Bilsom, Blue Eagle, Ikar, BaaB, Solo, Honeywell, Sperian, North, Perfectfit, Pulsafe, Steif, Speakman, San-Huei, WeldOne, and much more.

They have been serving the UAE Industrial places for many years and become an expert in offering the needs of customers, in all types of industrial / commercial environments. We have a wide range of personal protective equipment & safety products to suit all levels of personnel includes Clothing Men Clothing, Women Clothing, Catering / Food Industry, Weather wear, Protective Clothing, Disposable, Co-ordinated Products, Accessories, Special Services and Emblem Service. And also their service extended to Industrial Clothing including coveralls & work suits, Protective satety clothing conforming to international standards, Chefs and Catering Uniforms, Hospital Clothing, Corporate Wear, Security Uniforms, School Uniforms, Promotional Clothing, and others.

They have a range of safety Safety Equipment & Clothing to suit all levels of personnel. Their stock range is normally continued over many years to ensure continuity of popular styles & colours for customers. With our in house tailoring units, they are able to adjust fittings / make up special sizes in any of the garments shown. They also keep up to date with the Custruction/Industrial market trends, advances in textile technology & by listening to customers. The result is that new products are regularly introduced into the safety clothing range after careful research & selection.

Some of the safety equipment manufacturers are developing wide range of equipments includes Personal Protective Equipment (Head Protection, Eye Protection, Hearing protection, Respiratory protection, Safety Clothing, Hand Protection, Safety Footwear and Fall Protection), Industrial Safety Products (Emergency Equipment, Safety Signs, Cargo, Safety & Sports Net), Road Safety, Marine Safety, Safety Signs, Heat Resistant Products and General Hardware (Rubber Sheets, Ropes & Webbing Slings, Abrasives & Wire Brushes, Metal Markers, Painting Equipment, PVC Tarpauline, Hoses, Industrial Umbrellas, Heat Resistant Clothing) and etc.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) includes Head Protection, Face Protection, Eye Protection, Hearing Protection, Respiratory Protection, Hand Protection, Protective Clothing, Foot Protection, Fall Protection, and others.

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