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Abhitec Elect Trdg LLC

Acoulite Trading LLC

Adwaa Al Salehiah Centre

AKT Green Lighting Trading LLC

Al Bader Lighting LLC

Al Qarn Al Hadeeth Trading

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Al Rustamani Lighting Factory LLC

Al Tahadi Security & Safety Equipment Trading

Al Tahadi Security & Safety Equipment Trading   dubai, uae

Alima Electrical Devices

Amzan Middle East

Amzan Middle East   dubai, uae
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Lighting Fixtures Manufacturers
Lighting fixtures are electrical devices that have a fixture body and a light socket that holds the lamp, allowing it to be easily changed, and are used for creating artificial light in different indoor and outdoor locations. The light can be turned on and off from a switch and sometimes, dimmers are used in order to control its intensity. When selecting this type of products, especially if they are intended for indoor use, you should consider the mood that you want to create and the tasks performed in the specific space where you want to place them. Apart from their functionality, they are sometimes also used for complementing the décor of a room or office and for creating a balanced look. You can choose from various shades, color combinations and styles, from minimal and modern spotlights, to luxurious chandeliers, depending on the effect you want to create. While you have endless possibilities for your home, which can combine functional and aesthetic aspects, when choosing them for an office or other kind of workspace, you should opt for simple ones in neutral colors, in order to make sure they will not distract the people working there.

Lighting fixtures manufacturers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah provide an extensive range of solutions for interior, exterior, decorative, architectural and emergency lighting, as well as LED drivers, automation, dimming and different other control systems. You can choose from a variety of options for residential buildings, offices and education institutions, offering optimum color properties for improving visual comfort, and from many types of LED technologies and customizable options for all types of presentation, retail and industrial applications.

Some of the products offered by the manufacturers that are specialized in this sector include indoor solutions, such as ceiling lights, spotlights, showcase, mirror, recessed or strip lights, cabinet lights, wall brackets, chandeliers, table, bedside or floor lamps, wall sconces, pendant lights and emergency lights, outdoor solutions like wall brackets, step, strip, rope or garden lights, as well as high intensity, discharge, compact fluorescent, halogen, incandescent or LED lights and fluorescent tubes, among others, for different purposes. Power controls, components and adaptors are also provided, depending on the type of application they are needed for. If you need assistance, any type of advice for deciding on the most suitable solutions or installation advice, contact any of the shops that provide lighting fixtures in the UAE, and the dedicated staff working there will recommend the best options, taking into consideration your needs and budget, and will explain the installation process required in each case.

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