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Al Fahidi Gas LLC

Al Fayha Technical Trading Company LLC

Al Huraiz Est For Industry

Al Sakhra Gas Distribution LLC

Al Shaab Gas

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Al Shareef Gas Trading

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Central Gas Contracting LLC

Chemtron Science Laboratories Private Limited

Cylingas Company LLC

EKC International FZE

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Gas Cylinders Manufacturers & Suppliers

Gas Cylinders Manufacturers & Suppliers

A gas cylinder also known as a tank stores the gas in a pressurized container that is higher than the atmospheric pressure. The highly pressurized cylinders are also known as bottles where the stored gas is in the liquefied form. Sure, the gas is an important fuel often used for domestic cooking purposes. The general public have it distributed to them at cost effective rates courtesy the local dealer who sources it from the distributor in the area.

There are umpteen number of gas cylinders manufacturers catering to a specific area usually. Most integrated oil and gas companies are also engaged in manufacture and supply of both domestic and industrial gas tanks. The naming convention differs from country to country though. The USA and almost all nations in Asia prefer to call the bottled gas as domestic LPG whereas the industrial gas cylinders are referred to as cylinder or bottled gas.

The gas cylinders - manufacturers & suppliers in Abu Dhabi and elsewhere in UAE follow certain conventions that meet with the international standards though. The cylinders are usually manufactured out of the highest quality stainless steel that is completely rust free and does not corrode when exposed to the elements. There are a number of light and tensile composite materials deemed to be ideal for manufacture of gas cylinders Dubai as well. Unfortunately, the process of constructing them are fraught with difficulties prompting most of the manufacturers to stick to the common place steel that meets the regulations admirably.

The 'Gulf Test Safety Consultancies' known by its acronym of GTS is a third party that dispenses important advice and inspection of the gas cylinders across the nation. It is indeed the lone company that has obtained the required accreditation from ENAS ('Emirates National Accreditation System’) to date. The GTS has also been declared to be an ‘ISO/IEC 17020 - Type A Inspection body’ that is qualified to inspect the gas cylinders on behalf of the clients.

Gas cylinders - manufacturers & suppliers Sharjah are also extremely careful about handling the pressurized containers during the delivery process. The liquefied gas along with the other types of gas that may be present within the cylinder is thought to be hazardous to safety making it necessary to be handled with great caution. Apart from the quantity and pressure that needs to be maintained in the cylinders, the bottles are also needed to be chained during the transit in order to avoid falling and damaging of the valve.

Checking the wrap along with the rubber hose and indeed the valve happens to be all-important tasks for the delivery personnel who need to be trained on the do’s and don’ts of a highly inflammable LPG cylinder. Most delivery persons keep a safety booklet handy for their customers who can request for one in order to remain informed about the safety regulations.

The cylinders are color coded too but unfortunately the codes are not standardized so far. The UAE together with the regulatory body has implemented the color code along with a set of safety norms for every stage of the manufacture and supply of gas thus trying to reduce the occurrence of mishaps substantially.

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