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The construction sector in Dubai has witnessed a fast track growth in the last period of time and is expected to grow by almost 10 per cent every year, in the next couple of years. The population is continuously rising in the UAE, due to the great number of expats coming to work for various companies in many different industries. Also, many investors choose to expand their business to Dubai, being attracted by the low tax incentives and different other opportunities. The tourism sector will also continue to grow, with the great number of hotels and restaurants that are expected to open in the near future.

There is a great demand of building materials for the upcoming construction work for both residential, as well as commercial and industrial buildings. Many companies that are specialized in supplying building materials have appeared on the market, in order to cater to this increased demand of such products. They offer all types of materials for any type of construction projects in the private or public sector, including raw materials like clay, sand, wood, cement, gravel, lumber, timber, glass, concrete, mortar mix or plywood, composite materials like brick blocks and concrete blocks, gypsum and insulation products, calcium silicate boards, cement fiber products, cement boards, laminated flooring tiles with click and lock systems, roofing sheets and other roofing products, veneers, concrete tiles, mosaic tiles, tile trims, concrete iron, metal expanded products, ceramic wall and floor tiles, fiber meshes, false ceiling and wall boards, all types of piping and pipeline coating for different purposes, cladding materials, sanitary products, adhesives, sealants, wall coating and painting materials, wood paint and paint for universal use, among others.

Most of the products offered by the companies specialized in supplying building materials in Dubai are manufactured by leading international companies in the sector, so you can be sure that no matter which supplier you choose to purchase the materials you need from, you will get high quality and innovative solutions for any type of construction project. The specialists working at these companies are able to answer to any questions you might have regarding the specifications or warranty for specific products, as well as to give you more information on the price and availability of the building materials that you need. You can contact them to make an order and to get a price and time estimate for the delivery of the products.

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