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Air Conditioning Manufacturers

In order to feel comfortable even when the temperatures are very high outside, the people in Dubai consider it a necessity to use air conditioning systems everywhere, from private to all types of public spaces. Air conditioning manufacturers provide customized solutions for any type of residential, commercial or institutional building, according to the needs and preferences of the client. There is a choice of both central systems or separate room units, although most building owners opt for the first option, since it is more practical, aesthetical and cost efficient in a longer period of time, as it implies a lower energy consumption than operating a separate device in each room. If you are looking for the most suitable central air conditioning solutions, you should discuss with the highly skilled professionals from any of these companies, explaining your needs and all the relevant specifications about the building where you want to install the system. Having experience in working with various private and corporate clients in the UAE, they will be able to offer the most suitable options for any project.

The companies specialized in this sector supply all the equipment needed for any air conditioning system, from ducting systems, grilles, diffusers and volume control dampers, to many other different types of parts, all at the most competitive prices. You can choose from a wide range of floor or ceiling diffusers and grilles in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes, such as four way rectangular or square ones, egg crate inner case, perforated sheet, straight slot, round, curved slot or two way diffusers, jet air diffusers, linear bar or curved grilles and double deflection grilles. These are usually made of high quality aluminum and can be left as they are, coated in a color specified by the client or coated with a specific finish if it is preferred. All types of ducts can also be purchased from the same air conditioning manufacturers, including regular or fiberglass lined sheet metal ones made of galvanized steel or aluminum, which are considered the most durable and also the safest option, since their non-porous surface does not allow mold to form, fiberboard air ducts, which are usually the most inexpensive and also provide acoustical and thermal benefits and flexible air ducts, which are lightweight, easy to install and relatively inexpensive. Apart from providing all the necessary parts, the companies also offer warranty for the products, as well as service plans for regular inspections and maintenance, so you can always be sure that the system functions properly.

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