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Hydrotech Engineering Co LLC

  • Phone +971-4-3231555
  • Fax +971-4-3231551
  • Box No. 20441
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • Location Dubai Silicon Oasis, Palace Tower, 19th Floor, Office No 1902

Al Kortbawi Trdg

  • Phone +971-6-5397300
  • Fax +971-6-5397301
  • Box No. 2897
  • Emirate Sharjah
  • Area Al Wahda Road
  • Location Industrial Area 4, Nr Toyota S/Room

Al Sadarah Swimming Pools & Fountains Contracting LLC

  • Phone +971-6-5331594
  • Fax +971-6-5330213
  • Box No. 69050
  • Emirate Sharjah
  • Area
  • Location

Aquashi Trading LLC

  • Phone +971-4-4385045
  • Fax +971-4-4385043
  • Box No. 0
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Business Bay
  • Location Business Bay, Churchil Tower

Bahri & Mazroei Trdg Co (BMTC)

  • Phone +971-4-2691610
  • Fax +971-4-2664627
  • Box No. 1247
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Deira
  • Location Deira, Al Khabaisi Area, BMTC Bldg, Bhnd Hyundai Showroom

Eurogulf & Swimming Pools LLC

  • Phone +971-2-6419045
  • Fax +971-2-6419046
  • Box No. 111018
  • Emirate Abu Dhabi
  • Area
  • Location Defence Rd, Nr Gawa Hotel

Eurogulf Establishment

  • Phone +971-2-6787807
  • Fax +971-2-6786218
  • Box No. 4330
  • Emirate Abu Dhabi
  • Area
  • Location Al Falah St, Nr Spark Bldg

Flamingo Impex General Trading LLC

  • Phone +971-4-2503835
  • Fax +971-4-2503832
  • Box No. 125178
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Deira
  • Location Deira, Nr Baniyas Metro Stn

Hydrotech Landscaping Company LLC

  • Phone +971-4-2670260
  • Fax +971-4-2672735
  • Box No. 20441
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area
  • Location Sharjah - Ghusais Rd, Nr Dubai Grand Hotel

Midland Landscaping

  • Phone +971-6-7439347
  • Fax +971-6-7439357
  • Box No. 20801
  • Emirate Ajman
  • Area
  • Location Bhnd Grand Svce Station

Midland Pools And Fountains LLC

  • Phone +971-7-2446683
  • Fax +971-7-2446695
  • Box No. 12733
  • Emirate RAK
  • Area
  • Location Al Refah Area, Opp China Harbour

Mulch Masters Trdg LLC

  • Phone +971-4-4200770
  • Fax +971-4-4200717
  • Box No. 299549
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area
  • Location Building 7 Al Aweer Road (E 44 Road)

Nucleous Engineering Solutions

  • Phone +971-4-8768405
  • Fax
  • Box No. 171068
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Business Bay
  • Location Business Bay, Clover Bay Tower, Near Burj Khalifa Street,11th Floor, Office #1112

Oase Middle East FZE

  • Phone +971-4-2994847
  • Fax +971-4-2994840
  • Box No. 54966
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Dubai Airport Free Zone
  • Location

Oasis Swimming Pools & Fountains LLC

  • Phone +971-4-2974501
  • Fax +971-4-2974502
  • Box No. 85427
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area
  • Location Al Ittihad Rd, Khaleej Times Bldg, Opp Mazda S/Room

Pearl Pool Trading LLC

  • Phone +971-4-4272492
  • Fax +971-4-4272493
  • Box No. 294767
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area International City
  • Location China Cluster, F12

Waterman LLC

  • Phone +971-4-2638081
  • Fax +971-4-2638082
  • Box No. 15832
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area
  • Location Opposite Union Co-op Society
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Fountains – Manufacturers & Suppliers

Fountains – manufacturers & suppliers in the UAE are highly recognised in the water feature industry in the Middle East and around the world. They are the leaders in designing, constructing and supplying world class fountains with innovative features. Installation as well as maintenance of the fountains is also part of the quality service. With the availability of amazing fountains built with highest standards and great attention to details, the Emirates is a leader in the market. Dubai fountains are built using new ideas and possibilities implemented by the experienced engineers, designers and architects. The companies ensure that the fountains meet the budget and style of the client’s requirements.

The systematically planned and executed UAE fountains just exceed the expectations of clients, designed with the latest technology. The delivered fountain solutions are safe, attractive and stylish ensuring fast and accurate services from fountains – manufacturers & suppliers. The economical solutions of fountain needs fit exactly the architectural needs of clients that are marked by the guarantee of highest quality products in the industry. The state of the art fountain solutions include musical fountains, water screen, pixel fall aqua screen, water curtain, magical water fountain, aquatic fountain, floating mountains, laser shows with water features, static fountains, programmable fountains and others.

The fountain requirements of clients vary depending upon the site of installation. The UAE fountains – manufacturers and suppliers serve a wide variety of clients for installation of adorable fountains in residential property, commercial property, hotels, restaurants, museums, parks and others. Apart from the ready to install fountains, there are customised fountain solutions as well that vary with the client’s needs. Several customizations including addition of features such as animation, simulation, programming, LED light effects, video projection, jumping jet laser water and others are available. Almost all the manufacturers of fountains in the United Arab Emirates provide one stop shop solutions to meet the fountain needs of clients, including conceptual designing, development, architecture & building, supply, installation, maintenance and support.

The reason behind huge demand of the UAE fountains is the capability of their manufacturers to design and develop just any kind of masterpiece within the specified deadline set by the clients. It is due to the expertise of their workers and years of practices in the field of research and development in implementing stunning fountain solutions. Fountain solutions of the Emirates are built by the sharpest minds and skilled brains. They are the ultimate piece of art and architecture. Installation of these mind blowing fountains transforms the site by bringing an aura of enchantment, peace of mind and relaxation to the customers. The after service or maintenance commitments are unmatchable that come up with excellent product warranties.

The fountain solutions are designed and built in the UAE after extensive research and development carried out by the dedicated team of experts who are constantly working to create new designs, water effects and other special effects to develop a range of unique fountain products. High technology equipments are utilized to build remarkable fountains that leave the audience spell bound. Musical water fountains are great examples of such fountains that are embedded with magical water features in harmony with music and light. LED lighting projectors are used in the water fountains that spread millions of colours in the sky. The programmed water fountains are well managed by computerized control system.


The incredible water screen technology used in the fountains or swimming pools adds extra charm to the beauty of architectural creations. Floating fountains are supplied as complete units by the suppliers that create the desired effects in the ponds or lakes while they soothe the eyes of watchers. The custom made fountain solutions are absolutely the best fits for indoor as well as outdoor applications and can be used in events, fairs, private or public functions.

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