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Albatross Marine Equipment L.L.C, is registered in the Emirate of Dubai, U.A.E. we are stockiest for marine safety, survival and life saving equipment for marine, offshore, oil and gas industry. We import and stock a wide range of marine safety, survival and life saving equipments from around the world to cater to our customers. Albatross follows the dictum "high priority to the safe guarding of human life and property" to the letter.
Following are the range of products we deal with Carbon Dioxide/Dry powder.dry chemical/Halon 1301/Foam liquid (AFFF)/Foam Chemical (A+B)/Water and Gas Portable and Trolley Fire extinguisher spares o Carbon Dioxide/Nitrogen Cartridges o Fixed Carbon/Halon/Foam/Dry powder/Water Mist Fire fighting systems spares o Fire Hoses testing, re-binding equipment o Foam Tanks Life?o Fire man Outfit ({Ex} lights, Fire axe, B.A, etc) o Fire Blankets Saving Appliances (LSA) o Self Contained Breathing Apparatus/Emergency Escape Breathing Devices o Medical Oxygen Resuscitators o Inflatable life rafts/ Hydrostatic Release Units (H.R.U) o Spares for lifeboats and rafts o Fire man suits/ Immersion Suits/ Thermal Protective aids o Work vests/ Life jackets/ Life buoy Rings and (S.I) lights o Distress Signals o Gas Monitors o Hand operated Navigational Equipment o E.P.I.R.B/ S.A.R.T o?alarms o Stretchers and Tripods Aldys daylight signaling lamp o Navigational lamps o Search Lights o Poly foam buoys

Brands listed

  • ATEX Air Blower
  • BRIGHT STAR Lighting Products
  • BRIGHT STAR Safety Flash Lights
  • BRIGHT STAR Safety Lanterns
  • BRIGHT STAR Safety Torches
  • BRK Smoke Detectors
  • CYALUME Safety Light Sticks
  • DATREX Emergency Drinking Water& Emergency Ration
  • GARRETT Metal Detectors
  • KIDDE Escape Ladders
  • OSW Lay Flat Fire Hose
  • PG PRODUCTS Fire Man Suit
  • PROTEK FIRE Fire Fighting & Foam Water Monitor Nozzles
  • RFID Security Systems
  • SAMYUNG Marine Electronics (Radars, GPS & Communication Systems)
  • SEAKITS Damage Control Kit
  • SILVA Clinometers
  • SIMRAD Auto Pilot, GPS, Marine Navigation & Communication Systems
  • SPENCER Emergency Equipment
  • ULTRASONIC Level Indicators
  • YUKON Night Vision Binocular
    Aldis Day Signaling Lamp | Anti Slip and Splash Tapes | Baro -Thermo Meter | Basket Stretchers | Battery Operated Smoke Detector | Bell Book | Bellows | Berthing and Signaling Black Ball | Boat Pole Hook | Brass Bell | Break Glass Box for Key | Bridge Log | Bubble Type Clino Meter | Buoyant Line Container | Cabin Controlled Search Lights | Chemical Cabinet | Chemical Suit | Chief Engineers Log | Compass Deviation Book | Cyalume Light Stick | Damage Control Kits | Deck Log | Distress Signal Container | EEBD | Emergency Baton | Emergency Ration | Emergency Water | Engine Log | Escape Ladder | Explosion Proof Lights | Eye Wash Station | Fall Arrest Harness | Filling Equipment and Spares | Fire & Safety | Fire Bucket | Fire Hose | Fire Hose Box | Fire Man Suit Aluminized | Fire Monitor | Fire Plan Holder | First Aid Kits | Foam Making Branch Pipes and Fittings | Fog Horn | GMDSS Radio Log | Gangway Ladder | Garbage Log | Gong with Beater | Hand Held Anemometer | Hand Operated Siren | Heat Detector | Helicopter Crash Kits | Hydrostatic Release Unit (HRU) | ID Container | IMO Posters | Immersion Suit | Instantaneous Fittings | International Shore Connection | Landing Valve and Hydrant | Life Buoy Light Bracket | Life Jacket Light | Lifebuoy Ring | Machino Fittings | Marine Binoculars | Marine Store Guide Impa ISSA Book | Metal Detector | Navigational Lights | Neil Robertson Stretchers | Night Order Book | Night Vision Binocular | Noon Position Book | Oars | Oil Spill Kits | Oxygen Resuscitator | Painter Knife | Painter Line | Paraguard Stretchers | Photo Luminescent Signs & Tapes | Pilot Ladder | Pipe Identification Tapes | Pyrotechnic Container | Rack & Reel for Fire Hose | Radar Reflector | Repair Kits | Rescue Quoits | Russian Rotalug Fittings | Sea Sickness Tablets | Self Contained Air Breathing Apparatus (SCABA) | Signaling Mirror | Sounding Lead Graduated | Storz Fittings | Super Yacht Signs | Tag out Kits | Testing Equipment | Thermal Protective Aid | Thermo Meter | Tyma Chronometer Rate Journal | Unitallian Fittings | Water Proof Torch