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Cuisine can be stated as the foods and processes of food preparation traditional to a region. The major elements shaping a cuisine are climate, native raw materials, economic conditions, which affect trade, food distribution, imports & exports, religiousness laws and so many.

Italian cuisine follows the Mediterranean eating pattern, it focuses on very simple, natural ingredients, like garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, whole grains and dark leafy greens, making it one of the healthiest food in the world. Research suggests that the benefits of a Mediterranean eating pattern style may include improved weight loss, blood-glucose (sugar) levels control, reduced risk of depression and much more benefits.

Italian restaurants in UAE serve cuisine (Italian), which in itself brings heavy influences, ancient Greek, including Etruscan, ancient Roman, Jewish and Byzantine. UAE Italian restaurants are noted for their regional diversity and popularity with famous dishes including spaghetti & meat balls, lasagna and etc. The main Italian food is risotto. UAE Italian restaurants are characterized by their simplicity; hence their dishes include only four to eight ingredients. Cheese & wine are a main part of Italian cuisine, along with coffee, specifically espresso (Strong black coffee). Italian restaurants in UAE are varied, from Tavlo Calda, Trattoria, Spaghetteria & Pizzeria, among a kind of others, all only serving dishes as per their names.

Many Italian restaurants are in Dubai providing the essence of northern Italian food in a light hearted and contemporary atmosphere. The Dubai Italian restaurant specializes in pizzas, antipasti, home made pastas, regional Italian delicacies, capturing the essence of Italy. Their aim was to offer best quality, reliable Italian food at attractive prices. They also wanted to allow informal but great service to their customers. They do their best to create a unforgettable experience in a happy environment.

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