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Xtream IT Solutions LLC Dubai

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Xtream IT Solutions LLC Profile

WHO WE ARE.. We are a group comprised of trusted, highly motivated and ambitious overachievers, passionate about changing the lifestyle of many. Our Mission is to introduce innovative products that would enhance the lives of people- be it directly or indirectly. We are a Distributor of Networking, Surveillance and Home Automation products for over 40 countries in Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. With our corporate office based in Dubai, UAE, we also have branches in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka, to serve our customers better. We have developed partnership with selected prestigious companies who share our vision throughout the region- to serve the end user with the best possible experience. Within a short period of time, we have grown from humble beginnings, to currently supplying products directly to over 600 Integrators, 17 ISPs and over 110 resellers within our region. Our vision is Global; Our mission is Local! Why us.. Our strength is the trust; our customers have placed on us. Our drive to excel, is the satisfaction of our customers customer - the end user. While most other distributors are driven by short-term financial gain, we are all about building relationship and trust. We believe that Halal (lawful) financial gains are a byproduct of a healthy business partnership. To all our clients, we promise to: Sell products or offer solutions once we are completely satisfied with the quality of performance. Unlike other distributors, we will not offer our customers products that underperform. We only sell original authentic products. We dont sell garbage. Solve your problems even if it doesnt help us financially or otherwise. If we cant do something, we will offer you the best possible advice and recommendations. Be flexible. We will be patient and help you as much as we can to achieve sales goals. Be honest in all our dealings and work with your interest in mind. It has to be a Win-Win partnership. Always! Attend to your needs as quick as possible. We will answer emails within a maximum of 6 hours. We understand the simple logic: if your customer is happy with the product, then you will invest more on our range of products. Provide the best possible after sales service.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152