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Wow Factor Building Materials Trading LLC Dubai

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Acoustic Gypsum Ceilings | Expansion Joints | Honeycomb Panels | LED Lightnings | PVC Stretch Ceilings | Printed Ceilings

Company Profile


The WOW FACTOR BUILDING MATERIALS TRADING LLC foundation was laid in Dubai by its parent company" MBBM GROUP" in 2002, as a vision of creativity & innovation in performance oriented Architectural & interior décor products with it eventually being established in February 2014.
With the expertise & experience of Mr. Asgar Merchant & Mr. MN Khory they have guided the youthful exuberance that is symbolic to the WOW FACTOR with a perfect blend of engineering, marketing & passion to create the WOW FACTOR executed by Mr. Abbas Merchant.
The Group's philosophy remains to embrace always the positive sides of competition & technological revolution in the respective industries, which has given the Group an easy access and vision towards globalization. Adapting to change and moving ahead with honesty, integrity & commitment to the customers remains the aim.

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