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Lt. Col B.S. Sandhu (Retd.) immigrated to Canada in 1988 and his personal experience of going through the cumbersome process of immigration sowed the seeds of setting up an Immigration Service firm that redefines the complex image of immigration process in peoples mind. Col. Sandhu founded WWICS in 1993 with a vision that the immigrants should not have to deal with the complexities of transferring to a new nation.
WWICS started with two offices - one at Toronto, Canada and another at Chandigarh, India. From a humble origin with two offices, WWICS has grown today in to a global enterprise with its Asian Headquarters in Mohali (Punjab), India. There are 15 offices across India and 11 international offices in Toronto- Canada, Sydney - Australia, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain - Doha, Kuwait, Muscat - Middle East, and Nairobi - Kenya to serve clients from across the world.
The journey of WWICS has been an extraordinary one. Through the years, WWICS has accumulated a team of formidable professionals who have provided Global Resettlement Solutions to over a 100,000 clients. Most of them are now happily settled in their dream destinations like Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and various other European nations.
An unprecedented number of extremely satisfied clients have helped the WorldWide Immigration Consultancy Services to reign over the immigration industry for over two decades. Today, WWICS is the worlds largest immigration group and the World Wide Group has made its presence felt in various other fields of services. Over the years, The World Wide Group of Companies has expanded its wings and has spread its roots in immigration, settlement, placement, strategic business consultancy, real estate, higher education, hospitality, and golf.

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