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World Wide Auctioneers Limited Jebel Ali

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World Wide Auctioneers Limited Profile

World Wide Auctioneers holds fully unreserved auctions, with no minimum bids, seller bids, or reserved items, assuring buyers and sellers that equipment is traded at fair market value. Auctions have been held in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Amsterdam, Australia, Qatar, Guangzhou, Jakarta, Perth, Philippines, Lebanon, India and the USA. WWA strives to provide the finest service in the Industrial Auction business.
WWA has sold at auction over 83,500 items construction equipment at its 97 auctions in Dubai from March 2001 through March 2013, for a total amount of over $1,195 Million in auction value. WWA has controlled a market share of 40% to 65% of all industrial equipment auction sales concluded in Dubai in 2005 through 2010.
WWA has operated auctions for its franchise and joint venture partners in other dynamic markets around the world. Another $238 Million worth of equipment has been auctioned at these locations since 2001, and an additional $22 Million in equipment has been auctioned through WWAs Online Auctions. The parent company and its franchises can do business together or individually, adapting easily to any situation. WWA and its franchises present a comprehensive range of services geared to buyers and sellers of industrial, construction, and maritime equipment, materials, and products, based on a combination of physical, video and Internet-based auctions. Further international expansion through franchise joint ventures and acquisition is planned in the future.
World Wide Auctioneers directors and managers have a combined total of over 100 years of experience in buying, selling, and auctioning of heavy equipment in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. WWA managers and staff are committed to providing efficient, effective services. The Companys structure includes one subsidiary and one joint venture partner, each licensed and registered to operate in its respective country.
WWA has substantial infrastructure and major partners all over the world, but maintains a low corporate overhead structure. This combination gives WWA the efficiency of a small company with the major-market presence of a large corporation. WWA operates in house, a state of the art Internet site with its own equipment search engine and interactive buyer and seller features. Live on-line bidding, on-site video presentation and wireless electronic bidding systems in use at WWA auctions offer the most modern technologies available in the industry.

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