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Wetar Trading LLC Dubai

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Anti Static Flooring | Carpet Tiles and Rolls | Entrance Mats | Linoleum Flooring | Outdoor Decking | Pin Boards | Sports Flooring | Vinyl Flooring | Wood Flooring | Woven Vinyl Flooring

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Wetar Trading LLC Profile

Flooring is nostalgic. It takes lot of beating like nothing else in a building. We stand, jump and play over it. Flooring has a long history to tell. It has been evolving over the centuries- From hard to soft, interior to exterior, from rudimentary to eternal. They can be tough yet soft, robust yet appealing, trendy yet enduring. It can change our mood and bring comfort. Beautiful buildings essentially need a beautiful interior. Flooring can greatly impact any interiors and change the aesthetics. One of the first things that strike our attention is the flooring.

Wetar combines the best of flooring products from West European countries and match them with superior installation techniques to produce world class flooring solutions to cater to the commercial flooring needs. Let it be schools, universities, airports, offices, hospitals or clinics-We have a product to offer in the form of linoleum, acoustic vinyl, anti- static, conductive floors, health care flooring, carpet tiles, entrance matting.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152