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Wellfix General Trading LLC Dubai

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Company Profile

Wellfix General Trading LLC Profile

Wellfix General Trading LLC started trading over a decade ago and over a period of time, it has grown along with the development of UAE and today is considered as the undisputed leader in the field of building materials and scaffolding items not only in the UAE but also in the entire Arabian Gulf and ASEAN region.
The company started with the import and trading of materials for the construction sector. With the passage of time and discovery of oil in the U.A.E., the company has diversified its product portfolio in the region by understanding technological developments during that time and the rapidly changing needs of the sector. This helped focus on identifying, sourcing and supplying the right kind of items related to general usage building materials, safety and quality assurance products, and related activities that support the entire industry.
It also has sales offices in Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Qatar and Singapore. Future plans include the opening of new showrooms and sales offices in other emirates and also in the overseas market.
Partner in the development of U.A.E.: The Companys supplies have covered practically every project in the region thereby contributing in no small measure to the development of the country. Today, the company supplies to most of the major infrastructural and construction projects that are being undertaken in the country.
Quality: Quality is the most important factor for the company. Be it the product, sales and service or after sales service the highest emphasis is placed on quality. Over the last decade, it is quality that has created the goodwill among our customers. As a result, the Wellfix name has become synonymous with genuine product at a reasonable price.
Exports: After firmly establishing its presence in the local market, it set its sights on the targets beyond the borders of the U.A.E. Exports began early on in the companys era of operations. Initially attention was paid to neighboring Gulf countries. Today, Wellfix General Trading LLC can boast of having blossomed exports reaching as far as Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and many parts of Asia. The firm is considered as a major source of supply to the these countries in addition to GCC countries and Iran.

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