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Wadi Swat Passagners Buses Transport Sharjah

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Wadi Swat Passagners Buses Transport Profile

Wadi SWAT Buses Transport Company is the leading transportation provider in the UAE. It is highly reputed for its services, safety standards and travel rates. We provide transportation services for Oil & Gas Companies , schools, hospitals, hotels, colleges, universities, construction and contracting companies, bank staff and other office staff, tour operators , events operators , Sports festivals inside and outside of the UAE. Our Bus Services 1- Provide Buses For Hotels, Tours & Events 2- Short Term & Long Term Bus Lease for Construction Companies 3- School student & Teachers pick & drop. 4- Buses for construction workers 5- Buses for Oil & Gas companies 6- Buses for manufacturing companies 7- Office staff picks & drop 8- Labors, technician pick & drop. 9- Events & festivals handling 10- Tourists pick & drop 11- City Tours Other Bus Services Dubai City Tours Dubai shopping Malls Tours Fujairah East Coast Tours Al Ain Tours Dubai Desert Safari Dubai Dhow cruise Dreamland Aqua Park Tours School Excursions & Events Events & Wedding Luxury Transportations Sports Events Transportation Group Handling Additional Baggage Transportations Abu Dhabi City Tours Abu Dhabi Car Rentals Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Bus Rentals Abu Dhabi Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi Shopping Tours We provide a range of car hire and leasing solutions to our varied customers in the UAE and from all over the world. If you are visting the UAE, you can book our services online before arriving Short Term or Long Term lease Vehicle leasing available for locals and residents for short term or long term depending on their needs. Chaffeur Services We also offer special chaffeur services for clients requiring the same Drop-Off & Pick-Up anywhere in UAE We can deliver and pickup the vehicle at any airport or major city point in the UAE based on clients preferences 24 Hour Call Service Our Customer Service staff is available 24/7 on call to assist you. Comprehensive Insurance (include Collision Damage Waiver) offered Optional insurance coverage for additional protection from accidents or mishaps. Airport Transfers We can arrange special airport transfers from or to any airport in the UAE for visitors / tourists Sightseeing Tours We can arrange special sightseeing tours in the UAE as per clients preferences

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