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Volga Technical Services LLC Dubai


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Domestic Maid Services | False Ceiling Works | Kitchen Grease Removal with Steam Machine | Marble Grinding & Polishing | Painting Works | Plumbing Works | Supply of Manpower for Cleaning with Equipments | Tile Works

Company Profile

Volga Technical Services LLC Profile

VOLGA TECHNICAL SERVICES is committed in providing specialized services with an exceptional and professional manner for commercial, residential, hotels, hospitals, marines and shopping malls. We are focused on providing dependable, professional services for our customers. Our objective is to protect our clients investment - from post construction, to general office cleaning, to exterior window cleaning. Whether you are remodeling or building your new office space, surfaces need to be clean and maintained in order to install cubicles, door, windows, flooring, paint, ceiling or wall covering. Our dedicated staff understands the importance of quality, customer service and is always enthusiastic to display workmanship at the highest standards. VOLGA is dedicated of providing you a full range of services. Our professional experience is the key of our highest quality services at low rate.

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