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Volga Machinery Spare Parts LLC Sharjah

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Volga Machinery LLC based in

Volga Machinery L.L.C, based in Sharjah, specializes in technical services in tyre maintenance and repairs.
The promoters of the company have more than 35 years of hands-on experience with a proven track record in the field.
We serve the commercial end of the market including haulage and transportation companies, coach and public transport, agricultural, plant and mining sectors - not to mention tyre fitters and other service companies based around these activities.

Our main activities are :

Supplying products of top brands know in industry and the best in tyre repair and maintenance.
Professional consultancy services to economize on the COSTS of tyre maintenance and repairs.
Effective solutions for extended mileage and productivity from tyres.
Specialised tools and equipment for efficient handling, mounting- demounting all tyres, including TUBELESS Types for effective repair and maintenance.
Imparting technical know-how under comprehensive training programs for all types of tyres.
Highly supportive in providing after sales services and keep our clients updated about new developments and progressive techniques.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152