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Vibspectrum International LLC Dubai

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Condition Monitoring | Dynamic Balancing | Equipment Overhaul | Laser Alignment | Load Bank | Load Bank Rental | Load Bank Testing | Sound | Sound Level Meter | Thermography | Transformers | UPS | Vibration | Vibration Isolators | Vibration Monitoring Equipment | Vibration Mounts

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VIBSpECTRUM International is the answer

VIBSpECTRUM International is the answer for all your requirements in Predictive maintenance techniques and condition monitoring. We provide state-of-the-art technologically advanced systems for vibration analysis, noise monitoring, laser alignment, thermography, ferrography, thickness monitoring fuel handling and many more. Trading and Services division has been dealing with specialized engineering equipment, systems, installation, commissioning and training in oil & gas, aviation, industrial, marine, environmental, safety, water & power, instrumentation , networking & communication sectors. Field Services - Our engineering team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals with more than 20 years experience in all aspects of machinery design, operation, maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting of machinery and Petrochemical plants. Consulting Services are available for the following disciplines: - Vibration and condition monitoring, - Field testing and trials, - Analysis & reporting, - Implementation of Predictive & preventive Maintenance programs based on RCM study. We undertake overhauling of rotating equipment like centrifugal compressors Pumps, diesel engines, motors, Gas turbines, turbo-expanders etc.

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