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Utopia Star General Trading LLC Dubai


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Emergency Lighting | Hospital Lighting | LED Lighting | Lighting Controls | Poles | Shop Lighting | Sports Lighting

Company Profile


UTOPIA STAR GENERAL TRADING LLC started its operation is Dubai in March 2006, functioning as a representative to many renowned manufacturers from U.S.A., Europe, Australia, Japan and Malaysia. The main objective of USGT is to provide to the projects a perfect lighting solution, keeping in view both the cost and quality of the product. USGT 's technical team backs up its lighting solution with free computerized lighting design service.
In a short span of time, USGT, due to its commitment of professionalism and customer care, has recognized itself as a specialist in the design and supply of cost effective lighting solutions to cater the needs of the GCC market.
USGT is very selective in Principals and only represent the world's celebrated groups and manufacturers in Lighting.

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