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United Seas Marine Services Dubai

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United Seas Marine Services Profile

We are proud to introduce ourselves, we are United Seas Marine Services LLC, a young local company established in Sharjah, UAE since 1998, involved in marine activities. Our head office is in Dubai, UAE where we are very close to major businesses in UAE. Our operation offices/branches are in Sharjah ports, which they are home to three of the finest deep water harbors in United Arab Emirates. The location of the ports of Sharjah offers strategic advantage in both the coasts. We are providing FUEL SUPPLY BUNKERING VESSEL CHARTERING SHIPPING AGENTS WASTE MANAGEMENT SERVICES FENDER SUPPLY OFFSHORE SERVICES TOWAGE Our vessels can supply fresh water, crew transports, collect waste and garbage, collect waste oil, supply diesel and fresh water to the standby vessels in the anchorage and in the ports. Young local company deep in knowledge

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152