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United Resources LLC Sharjah

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Company Profile

United Resources LLC Profile

1 The Company Veterans In The Power Business

Established in early 2004, as a one stop shop offering turnkey solutions for all requirements in the power and generator business

With a dedicated 24/7 on call support team, our team of well trained technicians and support crew are available on call for any assistance and trouble shooting, after all, its the service that counts
2. The Specialists Product & Service Specialists

United Resources is actively involved in the Rental, sale & repair of generators ranging from 5KVA-1500KVA Including all accessories and add ons namely fuel tanks, change over switches, distribution boards etc..
3-The Experience Full service Package

As a turnkey supplier, united resources has been providing a range of support services including (but not limited to ) the supply of diesel, AMC maintenance contracts, electrical cabling (including rental and installation)change over switches, distribution boards etc.. for close to 10 years to the regions biggest contractors, 5 star hotels and event companies
The Promise

With close to 10 years of experience in the business, we ve stuck it out with loyal clients, been true to our promise of delivering the best, and ensuring you have a pease of mind when working with us

Old Ideals new ideas
We extend to you our firms objectives of stability, integrity, personal attention, breakthrough innovation and support. A unique combination of old ideals and new ideas that sets United resources distinctively apart.
Empowering you
United resources provides exceptional personalized services and attention to detail exceeded only by the highest level of performance by our machines and equipement, further cementing our reputation in the market place as firm dedicated to empowering you to success.
United resources llc and its personnels have been involved and worked for various event management shows such as

Falcon Festival 2011
Meydan World Cup2012
Dubai Rugby Sevens 2012
Kite Festival 2013
Dance Areana Events Atelier Music Festival 2012
Dubai Air Show

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